128 thoughts on “CANDIDS 2

  1. Me encanta, no puedo cansarme de ver fotos del New York Fashion week, un sueño todas. Estuvo increíble tu entrevista para Marie Claire, en el articulo sobre las Egobloggers, un beso desde Venezuela.

  2. It was so weird because I’ve been following your blog for about a month and a half (its one of my favorites btw) and then I was on Instagram and some one reposted your photo of you and Harry. I was like “Hey! I know who that is…”

    I’m a huge directioner and it’s amazing how far this blog has taken you. I know you’ve worked really hard and although meeting Harry Styles may not seem like a big thing to you, I just want to say that you’re inspirational and that I hope some day all of my hard blogging work will pay off like that.

  3. Okay, the things I love about you: your blog, your style, your pictures, your hair, your smile and all in all, you! Seriously, you are one of my favourite bloggers! <3 Keep up the great work!

    xx Linda


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