148 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL CHAOS

  1. love the blue and black outfit: the blue skirt has a very nice shape, rocky with the boots, and elegant with the nice bag, modern with the way you wear your bag :) nice legs with this skirt, ouaou you look like a model :)

    New new new on my French blog:

    New Suit=Blazer+Shorts+Sweater


    Merci merci, et encore merci!!!

  2. Kick ass! Me enctanto!
    Como dijiste una vez en una conferencia de TED, “I have a new blog that’s gonna change your life”!
    Lo empece ayer ósea que tiene nadamas 3 posts pero me encantaría que lo checaras y me dieras algunos comentarios.
    Let’s hear it for the mexican girls rocking Europe!



  3. I love that colour on you! I love the background! Even though there is so much going on behind you you still stand out and look great!


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