151 thoughts on “WATERCOLOR

  1. Hey Andy!

    I’m a rookie fashion blogger and I must say, I always tend to find myself scrolling through your lookbooks for inspiration! Your ideas are so unique and your style is so tasteful I love it!I especially love the fact that you can take something that isn’t worn anymore (like your hat) and work it into an outfit that’s fabulous and you! My favourite piece is your jeans in this look, but don’t get me wrong I love the entire ensemble too!

    -Much Love!

  2. “Dans le port d’Amsterdam, y’a des marins qui chantent…”
    That’s what those pictures evoques to me :)


  3. lovely look!the bag is sooooooo pretty!in love!kisses


    1. Thank you so much dear! I actually use a Canon 5D mark lll but I do all the editing myself :)

  4. Morning Andy! Love this outfit. Super duper cool printed pants and I need to get my hands on this hat! Perfect for Autumn/Winter :) Have a lovely day xx

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