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Braids, not the most groundbreaking hairstyle I must say, yet we all want to keep coming back to it, at least I do. Ever since I chopped my long locks over a year ago, its been almost impossible to get me one of those crown braids. Maybe I should get me one of those hair extension pieces just as a “braid crown material”. I tested some the other day and I came up with >this<, what do you think? Are hair braids a thing of the past, or are they a hairstyle everyone will always love?

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  1. must say, braids are a hairstyle that has existed since the past time and people will always love. I somerimes make creations and lets just say skillin’ up my “hair-braiding talent”. I can make a chignon style by braiding my hair, half-shaved look, twisting my braiding to make it looks complicated, even I’ve ever braided my hair with similar braid crown style like those pics above.

  2. I love braids! When my hair was a lot longer I wore a lot of braids, but since cutting it , it’s been a lesson in frustration. Never wants to stay up in a brad. :(

  3. Braids are such a classic look. I think everybody will always love them. The first picture has been my long time favourite and I wish I had that much hair to work with. I know they have probably used some extensions, but I can’t help to fall in love with the look over and over again.

  4. Siento que es una tendencia que s eva y vuelve pero todo muy rapido, no lo se con esta tendencia de cortarse el cabello tipo “pixie” creo que su regreso será más corto que el antiguo cabello de Emma Watson :S


  5. I think that braids will always be a hairstyle we will always love! Even in like 500 years! :) Personally I don’t think there is no better way to save a bad hair day with then a braid.

    Love from SoHo

  6. Braids are way too versatile and beautiful! People have braided their hair for thousands of years, I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soon :)


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