A lot of us are from the generation that grew up watching The OC, were obsessed with Marissa Cooper’s wardrobe and in love with Seth Cohen. For me, the OC was not only my favorite series, but its soundtrack really marked a period in my life and I still -even after all these years-, listen to these songs which became an anthem to so many memories.

I put together my ultimate “The OC soundtrack” and I really hope it brings as many memories to you as it does to me, like that ferris wheel moment when Ryan kissed Marissa for the first time and we were all on the edge of our seats, remember?

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72 thoughts on “THE OC

  1. So so sooo good!!! Loved the soundtrack! And Marissa! I loved (apart from the sad ending of that season) that I graduated high school the same year they did on the show. Oh the memories!

  2. Andy, this list is absolutely great! I just restarted to watch the OC, as it is for me the best show ever made! I just love watching it and it makes me a little nostalgic about the good days back in high school. Now this list will definitely be on repeat on my computer. Thank you for it!

  3. The oc’s music was so well put together and placed on the show, I think it shaped my whole taste in music that I have had since…is that crazy?

  4. OMG totally agree!! I feel the same way, one of my fave shoes from when i was in highschool as well as some of my ultimate fave songs!

  5. I know this must sound unbelievable, but I’ve never seen OC in my whole life. My friends always tell me that I HAVE to watch it, because it’s so great. Maybe I will get my first impressions of this series from your soundtrack :)

  6. Haha coincidinc that the OC is in my DVD player as I opened this post. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched through the entire 4 seasons!!

  7. OMG I know exactly what you are Talking about! The OC influenced my whole Teenage Time! Trank you for this Great Soundtrack :) ist really brings back Old Memoires! I guess i have to Start watching all over again ;)

  8. I’m in the same generation..I grew up watching and re-watching The OC episodes and trying to steel some look tips to Marissa!!
    It’s soundtrack it’s still now one of my favorite played on my IPod!!
    It was the way I wanted to live like!!




  9. I have watched a lot of episodes of The OC, but not all.
    Hopefully i will have time someday to watch it again, since i loved Seth Cohan & Summer.
    xx Stephanie (

  10. I totally feel the same, this soundtrack is simply the best!
    I also have to re-watch the series every one or two years, because it is so amazing.
    Eben though, i liked Summer more than Marissa. ;)

  11. This was my favorite series as well. Maybe it still is;)
    The music was so well chosen and brings back memories for me too.

  12. OMG all the things that you said are so true!!

    Every single track of the OC remember me an entire period of life, Goodnight and Go is one of my fav!


    Enjoy your Milan

  13. When The OC first started I wass too young to watch it, and when I grew older I had missed so much! I feel deprived that I did not watch this series!! But I am gonna listen to the soundtrack and possibly hunt on Netflixs for the first series….H x

  14. I was just rewatching all of the seasons. Having a bit of a different point of view now that I am older. Also, love the soundtrack as well.

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