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Photos from Sandro Paris and ZARA Fall Lookbooks

You see, the thing is, I promised myself to go on a shopping ban and I kept repeating to myself; You don’t need new shoes, you don’t need a new jacket, you don’t need…The truth is, I don’t, I really don’t but the stupid -well, beautiful and very tempting- fall collections are starting to come out and all of a sudden, I need it all, ok I don’t need it as such, but I sure as hell want it.

I spend a fair and useless amount of time browsing through these look books, trying to make “my picks” of what I want to get, but will I get it on the end? Who will win the battle? My left side says yes, my right side says no and I cant make them agree on this.

Are you craving for anything this fall?

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55 thoughts on “SWEET TEMPTATION

  1. Seriously…we girls always have that left and right battle. Not one day we are thrown with temptations. Everything in my book when it comes to fashion, is a NEED! =D
    Current craving is a pair of nice ankle boots in brown or a brown pair of heels. It’s so hard to find!

  2. Ohh yes it’s a terrible tentation now with all those lookbooks coming out and the best cribber-affordable-retailer of all times has stroke again with Celine-Slimane-Vuitton’s cuts. And I want all from head to toe. The thing is, we really don’t need those things but this is the deal with clothes, we just need some basic pieces to stay alive (for our health but also ego ^^) but hey, maybe those centuries are made from other rules. It’s the time for me to save money to be able to travel to south america, and really not the moment to look at those beautiful things flowing over the internet and hitting the streets… *sic*
    (sorry for the novel)


  3. Love these! I’m on a no-buy this month to save up for a holiday next month, but H&M in Covent Garden proved way too tempting for me. Autumn/Fall stuff on the high street is looking awesome this year!

  4. i have the same issue!!!! I want it a TON but i don’t need it. the collection has very clean lines. You would look good in it but i prefer delicate/detailed pieces.

  5. I’ve seen sooooo many great items from Zara, I think i’m totally ready for fall when it comes to clothes because there’s nothing in stores for summer to wear. But I still haven’t enjoy enough of the sun!


    Style of Purity

  6. I love the Zara collection the best! It’s so feminine and it has such a romantic yet bad-girl feel to it!
    Love it, can’t wait to get my hands on it!



  7. Amor infinito por zara…..no por el precio de sus collares, los cuales me encantan y término pagando lo que cuestan…jijiji pero esta nueva colección me esta sorprendiendo para bien!:)

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