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1)Christopher Kane  |  2)Tibi  |  3)Markus Lupfer  |  4)Zoe Karssen  |  5)Helmut Lang  |  6)Emma Cook  |  7)Kenzo  |  8)ACNE  |  9)Kenzo

I have been really inspired on Menswear this week so I wanted to feature one of my top 3 favorite garments; “The Sweatshirt”.

If I could count how many I have, I’d probably find over 30 in my closet, yet I keep setting my eyes on new ones all the time -specially from the boys section-. I was browsing at what is available online right now and I found these 9 which have been haunting me for the past few days. I cant possibly get them all and I am having a really hard time choosing which to make mine.

Which one is your favorite?

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114 thoughts on “SWEAT BABY

  1. The first one is beautiful!!!!! totally get that one!!! i want to see an outfit with that!!!!! i know it would be beautiful!!!!!

  2. Excellent idea, the Menswear sweatshirt- 1,5,6 these to go! The 8)ACNE one remind me of The Spiderman….

  3. Hola Andy! Soy una diseñadora mexicana que me dedico a hacer únicamente sudaderas. Te invito a que veas mi página y si alguna te gusta te la mando! :)

  4. I would lean more toward the Tibi (2) or Kenzo (7) but that’s because I have rule where I’m not allowed to buy anymore grey sweatshirts. I have an overwhelming number of them (and an underwhelming amount of space to out them). Although my boss has that Zoe Karssen one and man is it adorable!

  5. Number 5, 7 and 9 are also on my wish list.
    Fun selection!

    And I must say WOW to your office,
    it’s beyond pretty with its authentic ceiling.


  6. I seriously love all of them but the first one is the best !! I really like the combination of the colored top and black at the bottom.

    I own some stuff from the men’s section too , but somehow I always feel kind of uncomfortable looking there … Whatever :)
    The sweaters you picked look amazing :)

    xx Julia

  7. You make menswear really interesting Andy!
    Love the Acne one…but that one itn’t really unisex ;)

    Great trip to Milan!

    Chalrose handbags & accents

  8. 3, 4, 8 are amazing! I think Markus Lupfer makes such stunning sweatshirts that it’s an every fashionable person’s duty to have one! The one by Acne is a really girlish one, this ‘drawn flowers’ print is crazily beautiful! And Zoe Karssen sweatshirt is very casual yet very interesting. But if you want to buy only one of them, I would suggest Acne!

  9. Get Number 5! I would love to see you wearing it. Unfortunatelly it is way to expensive for me… poor student!

  10. Number 8. Would go well not only with skinnies and sneakers but also with skirts (maybe a leather one?) and high heels. And the print will add some romantic touch to every set. Plus it’s greyish and it’s my favourite colour worn for breakfast, lunch and tea all year long :))

  11. Creo que enserio compraria todas! estan hermosas y siempre buscar en la sección de hombres y robarle cosas a tu novio es la opción jojojojo mi ventaja es qu emi novio es super flaco entonces sus cosa sme quedan muy bien :P!


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