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On the right we have a pair of boots I found at the ACNE Archives store in Stockholm last June, on the left the infamous ZARA boots – yes, the ones from their insanely amazing Fall lookbook and the ones that pretty much most of us will want to own this coming Fall-.

When I first saw the ZARA lookbook a few weeks ago, I thought those boots seem oddly familiar, but I couldn’t  put my finger on why. A few days later,  I was leaving my apartment and bumped into the ACNE boots sitting close to the door and then it hit me.

So what do you think, ZARA or ACNE?

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115 thoughts on “SO CLOSE

  1. If Zara were a fashion designer I would say yay, I think its boots are more striking for me but, Acne ones are so beautiful and this vintage feeling tells me “It gonna last a decade more”, physically saying and fashionable saying.


  2. I love both of them! but as I can’t afford the ones from acne the ones from zara are perfect for me! can’t wait to buy them.


  3. Andy, I follow you almost from the beginning of your beginnings and I love you, you were always such an inspiration for me, but now I have the feeling that in the last few months I you are not so much into the blogging thing anymore, cause all of your outfits are now so common and predictable or so… am I wrong? Cause I miss the Stylescrapbook innovations :D

  4. I prefer the zara one! Looks more chic to me :) but i’m an avid collector of black shoes so maybe i’m just being biased haha

  5. I love both, but I’m leaning towards the Acne ones simply for the colour. I own so many black boots, that the lighter brown would sit nicely in my shoe collection ;) xoxo

  6. I love the Acne boots but those Zara boots are the perfect colour one’s I have been looking for and I would say more like to be in my budget!!!


  7. I actually think I prefer the Zara boots! I think because of the shape of the elastic, but also because they’re black. Although I tried on some of their boots last week and I have to say they were extremely uncomfortable – that would be my biggest reservation.

  8. I’m getting so tired of Zara and I find it so so weird that it’s legal to copy this much from designers who put all their time and innovative ideas and everything into something that is then copied by zara as soon as it’s shown on the runways and is made by poor people in factories in asia and sold worldwide in their stores before the real designer deals hit the stores, since the real deal of course takes longer since many things are handmade and much better quality! I can’t remember when was the last time I saw a zara campaign without it being obviously copied from other designers/labels!

  9. I’d think Acne, because when you wore them in your previous post I thought “damn, those look gooood”. And I’m a little bit tired of Zara’s inspired by items, which pretty much sums up half of their collection. I’ve told myself several times to ditch Zara out of my shopping routine, but so far no succes…


  10. I like the Zara ones a lot more. The shape is more interesting. I also think the brown leather looks a little too shiny and almost cheap on the Acne ones. I don’t know if that’s just the pictures though because Acne isn’t really a brand I associate with cheap!
    PS I’m super jealous that you have those Zara boots. They are amazing.

  11. I love the more elegant lining of the ZARA’s, but I also love how the chunky heel of the ACNE boot goes on the leather, making a square.

  12. I read in several articles that years ago luxury brands wanted to sue Zara/Inditex for stealing designs…. the things is they could not do it cause the final product never are the SAME SAME, Zara always makes LITTLE adjustments.

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