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I was born with the sense of smell of a hunting dog, no seriously, I was… For me, its always been extremely important how good or how bad things smell, that could be one of the reasons why I have my apartment flooded with scented candles, or are obsessed with buying scented creams, perfumes, body wash and the list goes on. The thing is, in my experience, what smells good, is not necessarily good when it comes to skin care. I guess some brands put a lot of effort into making something smell good, that they forget that the actual purpose of a moisturizer -for example- was to, humm, I don’t know, moisturize?

My problems always comes down to the fact that I let myself get fooled with things that smell good, rather than things that work, just because scent is everything to me… On a trip to Stockholm a few months ago, I coincided with the opening of & Other Stories and Carolina and I spent literally over 2 hours browsing the store up and down. They also have a beauty and skincare section which I was very skeptical about -to be honest- and left the store empty handed (ok, I lied, I might have taken a skirt, a visor, a necklace, a…..a lot), or more like I didn’t take any beauty products.

After a few days, I tried one of those creams at a friends place and man did they smell good! So that got me hooked and then -as you do-, I went back and got me some.

I’ve been using it for about 2 months and I am trying to keep an open mind, it does smell good, really good, but does it do the work? So far, SO GOOD! Finally!

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  1. I am an absolute sucker for anything that smells like Grapefruit. I have to buy it if it does. The scrub looks great.


  2. I love the simple yet colorful look of the jars! And that happens to me a lot, I buy things thinking they smell great or if they have a really cool container, but then they end up not doing their job.

  3. I use a mixture of Brown Sugar and Honey for my face and body scrub. It works better than anything else I’ve tried, and it smells so SO much better! Plus, honey is SO GOOD for your skin. Total Win :) I hate the icky smell and prices of the stuff that “really works” but actually doesn’t. I am absolutely in love with my homemade scrub. Took me to long to find out about it though.

  4. I laughed at this post because I am the same way…smell is everything to me! I constantly have candles lit in my room — partially for the “ambiance,” but mostly because of the smell. I love when things that smell yummy actually work too, it’s a win-win!

  5. I know exactly what you mean. It is as if some products that smell not-so-good could be a turn off even though they may prove to be the most effective. I’ve been caught in that trap too.
    Smell is also important to me- I often wonder how good for you the product is if it is smelling that yummy. What is making it smell that good? Chemical crap or something a bit safer for us…?

  6. i heard before that when it comes to skin care products, if it has a strong smell, it’s not really good for the skin. i’m not really sure though.


    1. That could be very right dear. I use the body lotion, body shower and body scrub and I havent had any problems, but we shall see.

  7. I bought the lemon scented hand cream from &other stories, but when I took it home I found the smell faded really quickly leaving a cheap perfumed smell and the cream itself didn’t moisturise and made my hands itchy! I never usually buy things for the scents and the experience just backed up that belief :(


    1. Thanks for the feedback dear. I actually use the Couture Carnival scent and i love it! Its stays for a while and it smells so good, but then again, I am really into sweet scents.

  8. I’ve tried this product, it definitely works on my skin! I’m glad to hear its working on somebody other than me as well!

    Happy Saturday, lovely Andy!



    1. Exactly! sometimes I wonder if its only the smell or the nice packaging. Nice packaging is everything! hahaha

  9. I prefer the lightly scented products which are subtle and not overpowering! The more I use natural based products, without any artificially infused scents, the more I love them and realize that they always seem to work best!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

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