18 22 20 19 17 21 Skirt: ZARA (old)  |  Boots: ACNE  |  Jacket: Style by Marina (old ) similar here  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Sunnies: ASOS

I have always been very direct about my “Wear what you like and like what you wear” motto and I do still stand by it 100%. I get slightly confused when in times when we are supposed to be evolving and experiment with out own personal styles, we still get the” You should wear this instead”, or “Never wear that again!” types of comments on the blogosphere. At the end of the day, we all have our own styles, our own ways of expressing ourselves and our own platforms to do it on, so we should be allowed to wear whatever we want, shouldn’t we? Well, the truth is, yes we are and that doesn’t mean everyone will like what we wear, but as long as we do, does it really matter that others don’t? Express  yourself! ;)

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156 thoughts on “ON RISKY STYLING

  1. Sometimes I don’t like what you wear but you look great in everything
    and I love to follow you also because of your personality

  2. I always love your style! It just really perfect! You always look really good, beautiful and so gorgeous! Anyway I’m your reader from Indonesia!
    What camera do you use in this photo? Or you use an app and then edit it ?
    Does anyone know it? anyone? Please reply my comment, please, please.
    Thank you, xoxo.

  3. Amazing post! You wrote the right words to describe your style.
    You have so many differents styles and of course, sometimes we love, otherwise we don’t!
    I like this outfit post, because I love the vintage style.
    Have a great weekend dear!!! Enjoy yourself!

  4. As I’ve gotten older I struggle more and more with the ‘we should be evolving’ sentiment. My style has simplified and become more about quiet, well blended basics and less about loud statements. Sometimes I feel like I’m digressing into a less interesting style of dress, rather than moving forward. And then I remind myself that I wear what I wear because it’s what I feel comfortable in at this place in my life. Shouldn’t that be, as you say, the entire purpose of fashion, to wear what you want, for you?

  5. Andy: Fashion is all about risk and only those who are brave enough to take the plunge and go for it are worth a damn. Keep up the GREAT work, you bring fashion and glamour into otherwise quite dull everyday lives!!
    Un abrazo de oso, y como dice el viejo refran ‘A palabras necias, oidos sordos’!

  6. the fact is that sometimes people don’t want to hold the weight a personal style carries. I do love to have my own style and try on different things all the time because I am really into coming up with new things from my closet.

  7. This is so true. It’s sometimes very difficult to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, but in the end it really helps to develop your personal style.

  8. I can’t believe someone would say that. There are times when I don’t love something someone is wearing, but usually it’s just that I don’t love it for me. I always feel that if someone has the confidence to put it online, they have the confidence to rock it.
    I adore those boots with that skirt! So perfect together!

    Fashion and Happy Things

  9. wooo, hacia tiempo que uno de tus looks no me hacia mirarlo tanto, pero este en particular me parecio genial y las fotos son grandiosas!!

  10. Taking risks is one of the most important things to keep fashion exciting, don’t you think? Where I live, people still tell me I can’t mix prints. Or wear red, because I’m a redhead. Or wear midi skirts and cropped pants, because I’m tiny. Well, ha-ha. I have fun showing them they’re wrong ;)


  11. Andy!!! pues dejame decirte que me encanto este look!!! la chamarra esta increible.. las botas ni se diga todo en conjunto se ve padrisisismo!!!! :)

  12. Andy, I must start by saying that I really like the path Stylescrapbook is taking, I can really see an evolution in your blog and not only about styling I mean everything from the design of your site, photography (I like your pics more and more each new post I read, Richard is getting pro) and when it comes to your looks I think it shows that you are authentic, brave and got an amazing sense of fashion, And isn’t being brave about taking risks? And I am really glad you do. As you do it on your own you embrace some of your readers to do it too, take the risk and with a bit of confidence pull it up. Yeah there are some people in the street or in the blogosphere that might not like it but I get that like something that its actually good in some way because that mean that your personality is different. Ok, I will stop before no one can stop me from write this comment/letter.

    Keep smiling and inspiring!

    Carolina M.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment dear, I really appreciate it and it makes me incredibly happy to hear you have noticed the evolution! :D. I will let Richard know and he will be really happy to hear you like the latest photos!

      Big kiss!!!

  13. Estimada Amiga ,sabias palabras las suyas
    no a todo el mundo le caemos en gracia
    aun asi debemos ser nosotros mismos
    Cariños , Melisa desde Argentina

  14. amazing! you’re an exceptional stylist, as you very must know, and you RULE with mixing classics and edgy accents!

    XO Sahra
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  15. Totalmente de acuerdo! mientras te haga sentir bien y feliz.. adelante!
    Me gusta este look.. quizá yo me hubiera puesto tus botas chloé rojas.. pero estas Acne están fabulosas!
    sigue tomando riesgos Andy!
    Saludos desde el caluroso Mazatlán ;)

  16. Great post, love the confidence you have and express about your style. Love your style as well. I’d never tell anyone not to wear anything cos it’s a strictly personal matter. That’s why I try not to make any comments if I don’t like the outfit:)


  17. I do not like when I see any negative comments on anyones’s blogs because it is so rude and only meant to hurt the person who is trying anything new. Even if I think, “oh, I would definitely not wear that.” I will not ever write that. Instead I think of something wonderful about an outfit I like, and embrace that part of the outfit. I love the jacket over the dress on you here, and it reminds me of my Mom. She loved jean jackets and studs so much! Have a lovely day! xx Pip

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  18. This is such a great attitude to have, and I am grateful for you putting it up on the blogosphere for everyone to hear. I always get really scared to try something more daring, especially at school, so all my daring outfits are saved for strictly family and close friends only, but I am definetly willing to try be braver. H x


    1. Wear what makes you happy dear!!! Fashion is such a fun way to express ourselves and it’s better to stand out from the crowd than wear what every single person is wearing :)
      Big kiss!

  19. I wasn’t 100% sure on the look until I saw how you had styled to make it your own. I see way too many girls wearing revivalist denim jackets and not owning their look… One look and I know it’s an “Andy” look: your play on proportions, minimal accessories and killer shoes. To me personally, that’s what makes a look; how the personality shines through. And that my dear Andy, you have in abundance!


  20. Me encanta Andy !
    Tanto tu look ,tan personal tuyo, como la reflexión ! Creo que en todos tus años de blogger, tu no te has movido ni un apice de lo que realmente es tu estilo tan personal y característico.

    XX Luba

    Looks urbanos y chic en

    1. Muchísimas gracias Luba y también por comentar todos los días! En verdad que lo noto y lo aprecio muchísimo!
      Un beso enorme!!! :)

  21. I couldn’t agree more. Yes, this outfit is slightly different and definitely more difficult to wear than what you usually publish. But it’s a 100 % you !! And it’s definitely very inspiring. So thank you for not being dressed like everybody else ;-)


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