Quite possibly my best kept secret and although it doesn’t contain all of my favorite songs, it does have a lot of them, including the tunes I have been playing on repeat for the past year (?)

This is what I will most likely be listening to while I am sitting drafting a post, walking around Amsterdam with my headphones on, or when I am taking  a flight to my next location. My “on repeat” playlist is quite literally that; Music to my ears ON. REPEAT….Hope you like it!

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24 thoughts on “ON REPEAT

  1. Love your blog, your fashion sense and your music! If possible, I would love to see more of your playlists.

    Also, if you have any suggestions of good sites to find good music on, i would love to hear.

  2. I love music. I think I have the best iPod selection.
    Then I saw your playlist. Great taste!!! I would totally trust you to select my ipod tunes haha

  3. Can you post this on your Youtube account? I’m at a location where i can’t use this program. Thxs!

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