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Photos by Andreas, Christoph, Pelayo and Adam

These 4 guys are not only dear friends of mine for a few years already, but also some of my favorite boys in the blogosphere. You and I spend a lot of time talking about what girls like to wear, but we rarely talk about what we love to see guys wearing….In my opinion, these guys have their personal style down to a science, they are all incredibly unique and thats what I love about them. I am very inspired in menswear and these 4 friends of mine are definitely a big source for inspiration, besides, who is ever gonna complain about some serious eye candy, right?

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76 thoughts on “OH BOY!

  1. I have been been aware of Pelayo and Adam for a while….. Pelayo gives my Chanel collection a run for its money!… and Adam with his super sexy stylish self!… however I was unaware of Andreas and Christoph… thanks for sharing as there is nothing like a man who takes pride in his appearance and is not afraid to push the boundaries to express their individual style.


  2. First of all, I bet this will be the most popular post you posted in a while, watch your stats!:-)
    They’re better dressed then me and half of the bloggers I follow, so inspiring! I wanna wear absolutely everything that’s on them, don’t care if it’s menswear or not!
    Thanks for sharing!;-)

  3. I know 2/4, but seriously, Adam is my favorite one, I love his style and looking at his posts and outfits feels like being in heaven, I really get inspired by them, and sometimes I try to wear the exact same thing but womenswear style. And another one of my favorites is Zoltán. God, I love his style! ;)

  4. Wow, they are beautiful and love their sense of style! It’s always fun to come across a great guys blog because you are right, we never talk about men’s fashion! Great post.

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