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 Coat: Stylein  |  Boots: H&M (out September 5th)  |  Dress: ZARA  |  Jumper: H&M Trend  |  Bag: Neri Karra

I am going through a bit of a transition when it comes to styling lately. I know it wont be long until Autumn attacks and I always find myself going through a; “But what am I going to wear now!?” crisis -EVERY.SINGLE.AUTUMN-.

This year however, I decided to do a slow transition towards Fall styling, you know, light jackets, boots and all that jazz. Its definitely the perfect weather in Holland for that at the moment, so everything is going according to plan. Summer, I am really going to miss you. A lot.

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


147 thoughts on “NEW LENGTHS

  1. WOW, lovely look! And just in time, the ankle boot is getting a bit long in the tooth with it’s ubiquity. Nice to see the knee high boot back and in force.

  2. Dear Andy, I saw your post with those amazing boots, wanted to absolutely buy them, looked them up online and decided to first have a look at them in-store. I didn’t find them in Munich and when I wanted to buy them online, they didn’t appear in the online shop all of a sudden (around 6th of sept). Can you help me get them? I’ve been dying to find some exactly like those for years!! Lots of thanks in advance:) Verena

  3. I totally agree with you, it’s so sad that summer is saying goodbye again. But for me fall is the season of fashion so with this point of view it’s not that bad … ;) xx

  4. Love your look andy
    I follow your blog almost from the start
    I’m to lazy to leave comments

    I wonder if you realy have time to read all the comments

  5. And how I wish I could have a little bit of the Fall-feel. It’s hot and humid here like every single day.
    I like this transition. The long coat is gorgeous! =)

  6. Oh, I love this outfit a LOT! Especialy the boots, but everything is just perfect. I found myself in autumn mood since yesterday as it was raining the whole afternoon here in Prague and today the temperatures dropped and it was a real autumn :-(. I was in HM but I got myself only a bag and balerinas and the rest is on my loooong wishlist.

  7. Ok, you definitely caught me of guard with those FAB BOOTS! from H&M!???? Yes very surprised. And haha, I’m also in crisis every fall!

  8. Absolutely adore this outfit, especially these boots! However the weather in Greece is definitely too hot for boots, so I’m just admiring them for the time being.

  9. dear andy,

    i absolutely ADORE that coat. unfortunately it is a little too expensive for me. do you have any ideas where i could find something similar? i especially like the length, the thin material und the colour. any ideas?

  10. Hi Andy! I’ve been following your blog for awhile but I never really commented. However I want to tell you (something that you already know, but still… :P) that your blog is fabulous and you are for sure one of the tasteful and stylish people in the blogosphere! Thank you for that. :) As for this look, I also have that problem with transitioning seasons – it’s seems like I never get it right with the weather! xD Anyway, I looove that bag and I can’t wait to get my hands on those boots! :D

    xx, Tatiana.

  11. I absolutely ADORE this look – I want every single item! Haven’t seen a look I love this much for very long on you!


  12. WOOW !!

    You look amazing !

    You are such big inspiration !

    I love your today’s outfit, it’s simply, smart, AMAZING !

    Kisses, Agata form touch the dreams ;)

  13. Me encanta!!!
    Te ves increible Andy, me gusta como te ves con el cabello arreglado de ese modo.

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