I am one of those fools who paid the $800 odd dollars for a Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel bag. In my defense, its one of my favorite bags and I have worn it more times than I can remember, which means that the bag already paid for itself (?)  -This is how I justify expensive purchases to my brain-.

I have never been exposed to one of those “designer collaborations” for Target as I don’t live in the US, I am more of a …. for H&M kind of girl, but this collaboration got my attention… So Phillip Lim, aka one of my favorite designers is doing a collaboration for TARGET and of course, all of us outside of the US get to stare from the distance. What got my attention the most is how similar the bags are to “the real deal” and most of all, that the ones for his target collection will go for around $35.00 dollars (?!?!?!?!?!). Ok, the quality might vary a lot, who knows, they seem pretty good on the images if I should say so myself, now the only question is; Would you still save for the real -and $895- deal, or does the Phillip Lim for Target do the trick?

If you live in the US, lucky, lucky you…

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  1. It’s not possible, these bags are my favourite too, but I can’t spen $800. I love every single details of this bag, and I desire to have it with me every day.
    How can I buy it online? I’m from Milan, not from US, I’m not lucky :( Tell me that I have a possibility to buy this fantastic piece of art.
    Thank you!

  2. I would by the Target version, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE! I live in Northern California so, you would think I could just walk into a store and pick it up, but no. Some of the customer service reps looked at me like I was cray-cray when I asked them if they knew where I could get my hands on some 3.1 Phillip Lim goods.
    xoxo, BA

    1. The Target line does not come out in the States until September 15th so that is probably why you cant find it. Try then though and shop fast!

  3. Well, it depends if I’m going for the looks or the quality. I am into the quality so I would save for the $895. That doesn’t mean that I’m better than anyone else. Everyone’s want are different. It all boils down to “what you really want?” =)

  4. So you can add me to the list of those who spent $900 for the original. However, i plan to have this bag until the day that i die!!! :) Although the Target bag looks like a lovely style, i’m convinced that the quality will not be that to sustain frequent use. But i’m in the US so i will make a visit to check it out in person!!

  5. Oh my god I want to have this bag for about 35$! Why do I have to live in Germany and not in die US?
    I think I wouldn’t spend almost 900$ for one bag. At the moment I’m saving my money for a beautiful Michael Kors bag for about 400€ and even that’s MUCH money for me. So please fashion god, send me this beautiful Phillip Lim for Target bag to me! ;) xx

  6. I am sooooo excited for the Phillip Lim collection to come out, I’ve been waiting for it since I have heard about it a couple of mo ths ago. I wonder if the quality is good though, that is what I’m probably worried about

    Xx vacantdays

  7. I would personally save for the real deal. Nothing compares to quality!

  8. I’m a college student, so Target does the trick for me. I think how long a bag or other items lasts not only depends on the quality, but also how you use it. I always use my things with great care, so even the lower quality items lasts for a long time! But I am hoping to get the real deal someday :)


  9. I would still save up for it, I think it relates to the reason why such as in your case you bought a Philip Lim instead of another bag that had that similar style. I’ve noticed that many designers and brands are introducing handbags that have that similar look, it’s the quality of the bag what I think gets people who rather spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for an item instead of buying a similar lower priced item even if it is from the same designer. For me personally, I am a sucker for quality which is why I save up for an item I want instead of going for a less expensive item. I’m also a handbag junkie so when I buy a bag it’s a bag I want for years and years to come not just for a season. I love your Philip Lim, the color is absolutely perfect and a perfect size too.

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  10. I ALWAYS miss the collaborations with pretty designers because I don’t live in the US or in a country that actually has an H&M store, so too bad for me.

    I love the Pashli bag but I guess I’d rather save for an entire lifetime and buy the original instead of conforming with the fake one, which isn’t as pretty! (Don’t get mw wrong, I’m the Queen of Knockoff versions of literally everything).

    Either way, lucky are those that reside in the US!

    Bian |

  11. Well, if it still carries the name and comes from the same brand, then shouldn’t it be of the same quality?

  12. Well, it depends on the quality! It may look nice on pictures but hey, many items from H&M designer collaborations are rather poor quality…

  13. I like clothing collaborations but this seems to me a bit as if he is faking himself. I like the way you wrote this post with a humour but still I kind of feel from it that, you are not so happy about this collection, which for me is totally understandable. I am use to save for the real deals but now I would not be able to afford it, but i guess I will keep saving :)

  14. Hi Andy,

    I used to live in the US and I once bought a bag from “Hayden Harnett for Target”. The bag looked super cute and it was a great deal but it was pretty low quality in terms of the number of uses you get out of it (the handles pretty much started completely peeling off after a max of 10 uses and I had to throw it away pretty quickly). So I think the original bags are still a better deal (and I must note that I am saying this in my capacity as an economist — I don’t own any major designer bags myself). But I like and appreciate that these collaborations give many individuals the opportunity to enjoy fashion.


  15. I’ve been dying to buy the real deal, but since I’m saving up for my wedding I think this is just the cure to hold me over until I can buy the real one! It’s definitely hard to get a hold of some of these collabs, because they fly off the shelves!!!

    I usually don’t shop the collabs, but I have to say that I’m über excited for this one. I think Phillip Lim’s aesthetic is right up my alley, and it looks like he kept up the same aesthetic for Target. Yippie! Ready and not so patiently wainting until Sept. 10!

    I can make plenty of Knuckle rings while I wait in line!

  16. I love clothing collabs as I think they hit a wider market and gives everyone the chance to own a piece of ‘designer’…. however this collab……. not so much. I just looks like a fake version of the real thing……. I love Phillip and have many of his pieces, but this collab was not a good thing… save for the real deal or opt for a more pocket friendly item, there are some lovely pieces out there…… although I love the detail and craft of high end, I also love the middle market like Sandro, Maje etc…. and every season they do lovely bags.xx

  17. I’d say Philip Lim for Target does the trick for me…for NOW at least. I’m a broke college student so if Philip Lim has a cheaper bag out, then I gotta jump on it! I’m so excited for this line to come out next month.

  18. So jealous that I live in the UK and can’t take advantage of this amazing collab, looks like the bags are very similar.

  19. Oh, this is so unfair! I’m brazilian, and Topshop has just arrived here. And it’s really far from my city! So I can’t even shop Topshop online because they don’t ship to Brazil. Therefore, H&M is like luxury here!
    I’m so sad I have to stare at these things and can’t do anything. I mean, a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag for 31 dollars is insane!!
    Ok, let’s all cry together. So unfair. So so so unfair :(

    PS: Target, what about opening a store in Brazil? Hihi.

  20. OMG Andy! Can’t believe this news!!! First I love how you wrote this post/article and secondly I have to find myself one american friend who can send me this bag. I for one can’t afford the real deal even if I would like to so the less expensie will do the trick. :D
    The Lovely Darlings

  21. Hahaha Andy we in the states can buy you and send you one…(or 5)! ;D
    But yeah, I am definitely excited for this to come out!

  22. I think I’d do the Target version…just because I have difficulty sometimes justifying spending so much money on one bag! But they are so gorgeous! It’s tough. I think my style changes so often that I’m not sure how long I’d use the bag! Love that there is a more affordable version at Target! :)

  23. Ohhh… pero pienso que al menos que garantice buena calidad estarás comprando una cartera de 35$..
    habría que verla primero y darle el visto bueno, pero tampoco creo que vaya a dejar muchos detalles de lado o su nombre perdería mucho, por más colaboración que esté haciendo…
    lectoras latinas bellezuras todas… les dejo mi blog :) soy Asesora de Imagen Personal y les doy consejos de estilismo personalizado entre muchas otras cosas de moda!

  24. Andy, if you want anything from the collection when it drops just let me know. I live in New York, so I can ship you whatever you would like :)
    Love your blog!

  25. En estos momentos estoy repasando en mi cabeza quiénes de mis amigos o familiares viven allá! Mueeero por una bolsa de él!! Obvio si pudiera aún pagara por la original.. pero no estaría mal cualquiera de las otras para empezar no?
    Saludos Andy!

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