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OK, I do have to confess I fell into this trap, face first and I am trying hard to get out, I really am… I’m a Phillip Lim enthusiast, but most of all, I am a sportswear enthusiast, or to be more precise, I would own a million sweatshirts If I could. Unfortunately for me, my apartment is only 65 Sq meters, so theres no space for that amount of sweatshirts and most importantly, I just cant justify to myself paying 490 euro for a sweatshirt, yeah 490 Euro.

I remember when I first laid my eyes on 3.1 Phillip Lim’s resort collection,  I truly feared for my wallet, but then it occurred to me that I could DIY my favorite piece .  I went and found a very similar sweatshirt, bought some zippers and did it, bam, 490 euro ended up costing me around 60 and it still looked very -VERY- similar. Sure, its not the original one, but I know that I would have gotten over it eventually and 490 is a very high price to pay for that risk.

You can see my very own DIY here and were I finally wore it -during NYFW- here.

P.S- I still kind of, sort of want the grey version, dammit! :S


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64 thoughts on “FANCY SPORTSWEAR (?)

  1. Your DIY is so good Andy!
    Also,the blue option seems to be more eye catchy.Plus the blue works on contrast with black zips.
    There’s definitely nothing like that in the grey version!

  2. in love with the jumper!!so pretty!!love it!


  3. hahahh you to funny andy!!! the one you made looks awesome I just think you need to re-wear it and re-style it and maybe the need for the gray one will go away, but I know what you mean when you want something you just want it!! Hugs

  4. It is amazing, indeed. But maybe you can find a similar print/embroidery in Zara of H&M. I remember them having things like this. Then you can DIY again and put the zipper in.

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