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My dearest July, my birthday month has come to an end and what an amazing month it was…I was going through some of the photos from what I wore and I realized that some of these looks, have been my favorites I have ever worn.

Personal style is a process and an evolution and its always such an interesting thing to see how taste changes so drastically as you grow older. Some of the things I have been wearing these past few weeks were some of the things I probably never imagined myself wearing before. I love having fun with fashion, experimenting with new things and I dont feel discouraged when people dont like a certain thing I wear, but do feel extremely happy when they do. You know, when it comes to evolving you personal style, experimenting and making mistakes is most definitely valid and as I always say, as long as you love what you are wearing, doesn’t really matter what anybody else thinks, so go for it!

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114 thoughts on “BYE BYE JULY

  1. Still in love with that first outfit, the blue skirt with stripe top and the reflective glasses – all the details are perfect!

    I’m somewhat in a style rut, which should be impossible as I’m a fashion student. Looking at all your recent outfits in one post has inspired me to experiment a little next time I’m out shopping!

  2. Such great outfit inspiration! I love almost all of them! I really like how your shoes are different than most boring types! My newest purchase are these women shoes and they have been great so far.

  3. July rues, I also have birthday in July :) It is so true how personal style is changing and it is very logical as we grow older, meet more people, learn, travel, well simply put it live, it all has impact on us and therefore also on our taste, on thing we like. Sometimes I find it funny to look at old photos of myself and to see what I was wearing, but it simply seemed right at that time :) July is over but August is also a nice summer month, wish you to enjoy it! :)

  4. Creo que lo más padre de tener un blog de estilo es ver posts viejos y ver como tu estilo ha evolucionado para bien. Por cierto, me encantan tus más recientes looks.
    Saludos desde México!

  5. I agree!!! and i love all of your looks!!!! you are right on how you should only care what you wear and that not to become discouraged if people do not like it.

  6. Enserio no se como le haces pero todo por más raro que este siempre se te ve increible! me encanta tu estilo y tu forma de pensar.. orgullo mexicano

  7. I hope you had an amazing birthday month! Love the striped dress and blue neoprene skirts. Great outfits. I agree with your thoughts on personal style. Staying true to yourself is the key. :-)

    Christie x

  8. I would love to see a Blog post or even better a video giving styling tips. Like how to wear a certain piece of clothing different ways, dress it up and down.

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