179 thoughts on “BLUE IS FOR BOYS

  1. These pictures are gorgeous: the dress, the make-up, your attitude. Gotta love it! And haha, I used to think blue was only for boys as well. Now I know better!

  2. You are stunning and I love how you choose your outfits and the way you carry yourself. I’m new to your blog and I can’t wait to see more. Love form the Philippines. :D

  3. Blue is now my favourite colour! Although I did go through a similar stage when I was a little girl.


  4. You look so lovely! I also love blue. Especially blue shoes, not a bright blue but my shoes often have some kind of nuance blue. It just looks so classy, modern and bohemian at the same time and thats by the way what my blog is about; the bohemian style, check it out! http://www.hippiechic.blogg.se

    XXX Mia

  5. I use to no like blue because it was for boys!!! hahaha But then as I grew my closet became a ocean of blue items!!! Love this dress and the location even more great pictures,
    Ps: I even think royal blue is going to be this fall must have color, don’t you agree??

  6. The color blue looks very good on you. And I used to be the same, I didn’t want to wear blue because it was a boys color. Haha!

    x Angela / bouncingbrunette.wordpress.com

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