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The other day I realized that I wore something in this shade of blue 3 days in a row, which is interesting considering I never used to be a “blue” kind of person. Funny how taste changes and now, I could safely say this is on my top 3 favorite colors and that I am most likely going to wear it non stop this fall.

These are 3 looks I have put together in the past month. I feel like blue + black + white is a no brainer in itself, now throw some leather into the equation and your winning!….How do you wear electric blue?

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117 thoughts on “3 WAYS TO WEAR [ ELECTRIC BLUE ]

  1. in a sweater, or with blue jeans…….pretty much with every color it goes with in every fabric which is like everything…….ooooo!!!!! tweed!!! beautiful!!!

  2. With a denim blouse would be good too, I think. For the rest I would keep it simple, because the colour on it’s own is so bold.

  3. All I can say, is your look is totally on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    work it girl!!

  4. Hi Andy. Funny you should say that about the blue. One of the things I noticed and like about your style is that you commonly wear black, white, red, bright blue and gray which makes for an extremely versatile wardrobe. I tend to wear bold basics myself and dig your style and color choices.

  5. Amazing blue, such a great colour for sprucing up a black and white outfit. It would be great on a bag!


  6. I love this color! besides black & white, I likes wearing it with orange, red, or yellow, of course only 1 of these colors at a time if I don’t want people mistaken me for a traffic light or rainbow :)

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