Andy Torres wearing a neoprene skirt and Balenciaga boots Andy Torres wearing a neoprene skirt and Balenciaga boots Andy Torres wearing a neoprene skirt and Balenciaga boots STSC3682j Andy Torres wearing a neoprene skirt and Balenciaga boots Balenciaga boots Andy Torres wearing a neoprene skirt and Balenciaga bootsBoots: Balenciaga  |  Skirt: & Other Stories  |  Shirt: H&M Men (old)  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Sunglasses: H&M  |  Studded bracelet: Valentino via My Theresa |  Golden star bracelet: FashionSquad for Cooee  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington

I have to confess that I wasn’t so much into uniforms when I was at school. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they forced us to wear it, plus it was this very weird shade of green. I was thinking that if I could have designed my perfect uniform, it would look something along these lines, although I SERIOUSLY doubt any school would buy into the concept of a neoprene skirt. Good thing I am a grownup now and I get to wear whatever I like. You see, its all about wearing what you like! ;)

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213 thoughts on “UNIFORM

  1. You are so right! It really is about wearing what YOU like. That’s exactly what I want to express on my blog as well. Xxx from Sweden

  2. I really like that look. It’s interesting. I’m fussy about how something feels on me, so I don’t think I’d enjoy wearing the skirt–but I like the way it looks. (It just looks like it’d feel weird–but perhaps it wouldn’t). Now those shoes are somethin’ else! Interesting–downright interesting. I can just hear my mama, with me coming through the door with those shoes on: “GIRL–what have got on YOUR FEET?” ;D

  3. Totally agree! Wearing what you like would bring the best out in you =)
    I’m totally diggin your skirt! Gorgeous and you matched it with the perfect sunnies.

  4. love the look, the skirt is perfect and adore the stripes, if i had an unoform i would want this to be it for certain !
    xx ish

  5. Necesito saber donde te compras los tenis, desde que los vi en tus fotos los quiero todos pero entro en nike todo el rato y no los encuentro…me encantaría que me contestaras si puedes, de todos modos muchas gracias y tienes una seguidora de tu blog aquí.

  6. That skirt is amazing. If anyone sees a similar one anywhere tell me I would love to buy it!


  7. UN LOOK MUY VANGUARDISTA….Y futurista también!
    Encantador el azul eléctrico de la falda….un diseño espectacular..
    Me gustaria que puedas darte una vuelta por mi blog…Especial CÉLINE…MI MARCA FAVORITA!!
    Te espero…
    : ) SIMONA

  8. Que look tan vanguardista….muy futurista también!!
    Me gustaría que puedas darte una vuelta por mi blog..post en homenaje a CÉLINE…mi marca favorita!!!
    Te espero : )

  9. AMAZING look! The skirt is awesome! The blue and the black and white looks perfectly :)
    Visit our blog!

  10. I wish my uniforms looked like that too!!!! I love the striped top with the bright pop of blue from the skirt!!

  11. Im absolutely obsessed with those shoes! And I love the color of the skirt! Amazing style, you pull it off splendidly! :)
    Emily xoxo

  12. One of the most exciting outfits I’ve seen on your blog, yet! Love how you styled the neoprene skirt and those Balenciaga Babies are to die for!

    Greetings from Austria!

  13. I actually love my uniform, haha! Although I love this look better. Perfect neoprene skirt & boots.


  14. This skirt looks so good on you ! Do you like the other neoprene stuffs of this & Other Stories collection ?


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