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Dungarees: Vintage Lee |  Jumper: ASOS Men  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Sunglasses: ASOS

When Zanita was in Amsterdam and I was trying to find the perfect pair of dungarees, she had the brilliant idea to go check at a vintage store. I don’t know what it is about dungarees, but for me, the “older” they are, the more acceptable to wear they become? Silly, I know.

I used to have countless amount of pairs when I was a child, in all sorts of prints and fabrics, yet I never and when I say never, I meant NEVER, thought I would go back to them as an adult.

I learnt two lessons with this: 1) Never say never (I’ve told myself like a trillion times) and 2) Everything comes back into Fashion, so whats next? Shiny harem pants? I really hope not!

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172 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TIME

  1. I guess fashion does repeat itself. I really hope that harlem pants will not come back shiny because harlem pants itself is outstanding enough =D I still couldn’t accept the harlem pants fashion era =P

  2. What a lovely outfit as always, Andy! I never thought I’d wear overalls again, but like you said, never say never! I’ve been eyeing some at work for sometime now. We’ll see if I go through with it…

  3. I love how 90’s boy this outfit is but you still look incredibly chic. I honestly believe you can pull off any look if you love what you’re wearing, and believe it looks good.

    I absolutely love those shoes with this outfit.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  4. Hi!

    I am somewhat of a late bloomer to Style Scrapbook but i simply adore it. You give us a little of everything and yourself each day and its all so natural. I also took a look at your press conference in Amsterdam back in 2011… very inspiring.

    I’ve had my blog for sometime now and it was a struggle finding my focus…i think i’m finally there. I’m very proud of it. And most importantly, like you said, I stay true to myself.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration.


    1. That is so incredibly sweet, thank you so much dear and my best wishes of success for your blog! :)

  5. I really love the outcome of the DIY with the sweater but for some reason I just find myself hating this dungarees trend…I just think it looks so silly -.-
    Other than that I love the rest of the outfit!

    xx, V


  6. Love this look, you look fabulous! Sometimes mens pieces of clothing can be better than those for women, definitely when it comes to jumpers, loving the jumper! xx

  7. Love this look! I think mens clothes can sometimes be so much nicer then those for women, especially when it comes to jumpers! You look fabulous!

  8. You actually make me want to purchase a pair of overalls, but I know they would sit in my closet and I would probably never wear them. But, you inspire me and that is all that matters! :) xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  9. Hola! Soy de Monterrey!
    Sabes si tu reloj tiene shipping para México??
    O dónde lo puedo conseguir? Tiendas departamentales?


  10. Awesome outfit Andy! I love dungarees :) I’m kinda glad they’re coming back on trend although I wasnt convinced at first… I’ll give you that!


  11. Andy it’s so true… I never ever thought i’d be wearing dungarees as an adlutl but truth is i am and…i’m loving it. It’s kind of caming back to childhood. And yes in fashion we can never say never. Anyway i loved how you mixed it whith the diy top. You look great.:D

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