Watch: Daniel Wellington

Ahhhh!!! The sexy Swedish minimalism… I am so very much into watches, have been for a long time but this time, I am leaning towards something a bit more “classic” and this leather strapped watch is so perfect aaaaaand Swedish, so I am loving <3

You can get a 15% discount if you want to get your own at their website, just type STYLESCRAPBOOK  as a discount code and voila! (its only valid until July 20th tho, so happy shopping!)

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103 thoughts on “MINIMAL

  1. I love how simple, yet classic this watch is. So many popular watches (eg. Michael Kors) are so heavily adorned with crystals and designs that it’s almost impossible to appreciate that there’s a watch underneath.

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  2. I think the Daniel Wellington watches are definitely the best alternative to the ‘standard’, classy Michael Kors kinda watches. Love it <3

  3. Minimalism, my very favorite look. For me, it’s more about the special few pieces that pop rather than too much at once. Your arrow bracelet is so pretty!

  4. I love all your jewellery! Where did you purchase the gold arrow bracelet from? x

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