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Sweatshirt: ASOS Men

Obsessed much with cropped tops? Hell yes we are! … This D.I.Y is probably the easiest I have ever made, easy and quick.

I was browsing the sales the other day and -typically me-, I was -again- shopping on the mens section. I saw this sweatshirt and I didn’t think twice before putting it on the cart but when it arrived home, it felt and looked a bit bulky and masculine, which is ok, but I already have 10 sweatshirts that fit me the same way.

I stared at it for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden, my addiction for all things cropped came back to me, so I ran to get the scissors and chopped half of the top off.

It might not seem like a big difference but I can assure you it does look different on. I will try to snap a few photos later to show you, in the meantime, dont be scared to use the scissors! ;)

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83 thoughts on “MAKE IT SEXY [ D.I.Y ]

  1. What a good idea! I have searched for a short shirt to use with tight maxi skirt, and here it is :) Can you put some pictures that on?

  2. Hi Andy,

    I have a PINK Victoria Secret’s sewatshirt, it feels a bit loose & dull when I wear it. It has a pocket on it too.

    Should I cut it on the sleeve side (and make it sleeveless) or lose the pockets (and crop it like you did)? I really need your advice, thank you! here is the link for the pic…

    sorry for the trouble :)xx

    Athaya S

  3. jaja..tijeras a tope!!

    En Valencia no puedo ni ver una sudadera.. con los 30 y tantos grados que tenemos aquí es imposible ponerse mas que una simples camiseta ;))

  4. Simplest DIY ever :D Andy, what size of the sweatshirt do you have? Thanks for answer. I.

  5. Interested in the way you are going to wear it! You are talented for all kind of diy. How did you learn all that!?!


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