I’ve been using Clarins HydraQuench cream-gel for about 2 years now but lately, it doesn’t feel right anymore. I love the fact that is sort of a “gel” and doesn’t leave my face all sticky and shiny after applying, but then, I feel like I have to get like 2 or 3 coats for it to really moisturize properly (?). I have been thinking about trying something different for a few weeks but I just couldn’t make up my mind about which was the best option.

I was at Frankfurt’s airport yesterday and I bumped into the Youth Surge by Clinique. It says “Age Decelerating” and it better be magic on a tub , specially since my birthday is on the 17 of July and I need something to stop me from aging another year :P hahahah

I will start using this now and I will keep you posted on how it feels. I know that its hard to find beauty products that really do the trick, so I apreciate all the advice and I will definitely share my findings with you.

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  1. You already know consequently significantly about this particular issue, forced me to professionally picture the idea coming from so many numerous aspects. It’s just like people ‘re not serious until it is really one thing to use Lady crazy! Your own stuffs fantastic. Constantly take care of that!

  2. Try LANCER skincare products. It’s the most basic and simple but effective skincare there is. And it really works! You you exfoliate, you cleanse and you NOURISH! The Nourish cream is anti-aging..perfect for your needs haha and it’s luxurious but not sticky, oily, or greasy. It’s just right. It’s BLISS! I also love to spray Santa Maria Novella Rose Water every morning and every night before bed and at times in the afternoon. It truly gives your skin a glow and extremely hydrating too! ;)

  3. i’ve used clinique for the past months but every year during summer i change it to a more hydrating face cream (Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator from clinique) because of the summer dry climate. that worked for me.


  4. Good choice!! I can totally recommend everything Clinique I’ve ever used so far and I had a sample from this one and really like it so I also thought about buying it once I used up my current moisturizer (which happens to be also from Clinique) :-D

    xx, V

  5. El problema de las anti-age es que llevan bastante grasa, a mí con ese tipo de cremas me sale acné, y tengo la piel mixta, lo mejor sería que pidieses una muestra y probarla durante unos días, cambiar de crema es buenísimo!!! un saludo!!

  6. I’ve been using Clinique Moisture Surge (the peach color one) for almost two years. I will recommend Clinique for you. Actually, I have combination ‘gel’ is the best for me.Besides, I work on the aircraft almost everyday, and for long hours my skin still fine, NO DRY!! Recommend you to get both of them a tester :)xoxo

  7. Did you try Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream? I like that one though I must admit I am not good at consistently using any product.

  8. i haven’t used either of them, but my cream is from clinique too. what i think is always the case if you first start using clinique products, is that the skin breaks out (well that happened to me and a lot of my friends) but after a time the skin calms down and gets better then ever! so i would definitely go for the clinique one:)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!
    and you look amazing in your latest post!
    always love visiting your blog honey!

  9. well, I always used clinique and I think that this products help me so much in my skin
    Personally I like Clinique a lot!

  10. I’ve used olay complete all-day moisturizer for years now and it works really well to keep your face from getting too dry or too oily. all olay products that i’ve tried have been really good

  11. I’ve recently discovered Astalift – by Fujifilm – random I know :) and it’s my new favourite, the day moisturizer has SPF 35 and is still really light to apply! xxx

  12. Okay, I hope to not make your decision any harder, but I have to say that I am a devoted ‘Supergoop’ eye cream user. It contains mica that lights you up and diminishes under eye circles. For night, I use Kiehl’s restorative eye cream and I’m totally loyal to that too. Good luck on your search for eye crw. I’m looking forward to reading your hypothesis. Xoxo, Bethann

  13. Ole Henriksen Truth Crème Vitamin C Advanced Hydration is pretty awesome. Doesn’t leave the sticky feeling at all, and vitamin C is great for fighting sun damage :)

    Abril from

  14. I generally like to use a cream. I’ve seen the Clinique one but never tried it- let us know how you like it.
    Personally I am a fan of Shiseido products. I use their day and night cream religiously. Also, I’m a big fan of Mac’s comfort cream, it is my number 1 pick for dry climates.

  15. My brother is graphic designer for Clarins and I had the opportunity to try a lot of their products and I’ve always been satisfied !


  16. I love Clinique products!

    Let us know if this is one is good, I was really thinking about start using an anti-age product!
    I mean, the sooner, the better, right?


  17. I have not used Clinique Youth Surge, however, I have used Clinique Moisture Surge, with similar results as Clarins. I often had to apply multiple coats, and still never felt well moisturized. I recently started using Philosophy Miracle Worker Moisturizer, after receving a sample, & I am amazed. I barely have to use any, and never more than 1 coat, & my skin stays supple and soft all day. Yes, this is an anti-aging cream; I’m not really sure at what age one should start using anti-aging products (I just recently turned 27), but I loved this product so much I didn’t care. When you first apply it, the consistency might feel a little strange, but it quickly absorbs in for a lovely, dewy finish. Side note: My skin is definitely on the drier side & is very sensitive as well.

  18. Hellooo Andy, well I personally LOVE the clinique youth surge, only apply one 1 coat and leaves my skin feeling great. However I do use Avéne Trés Haute Protection 50+ spf after applying my youth surge and gives me the perfect moisture plus tons of protection. Recommend Clinique 100%!



  19. Hi!!

    I’ve been using Kiehl’s products for about 4 years and I’m really satisfied with them. They have lots of products for every skin type and for all the problems you may have. Besides they offer a great treat to the client. In all this time, I have had your same problem, when the same product is used for a long time, your skin get use to it and it doesn’t work as before anymore. When this happens, I go to Kiehls and they give me good advices about the new products I could start using and give me some samples of them so I can test at home before making my decision.

    Good luck with your new moisturizer! ;) Let us know how it works.

  20. You should try the products of origins, very gentle and soft but enough moisturizing for your skin.
    There are softer and more creamier creme’s gels ;)

  21. You will never believe this one, but Cetaphil Daily Advanced Lotion works the best out of anything I have ever used in my life. I have worked in cosmetics and used very expensive products. If Clinique doesn’t work, I totally recommend this lotion, and it is so cheap! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  22. Hi, I’m kind of the same situation, I don’t like heavy creams, but my skin does need enough moisture so I don’t feel like I have to reply in a couple of hours, I highly recommend Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30, it kind of adapts to the amount of hydration your skin needs, smells awesome, great for sensitive skin, also I’m 28 and I’m also starting to really be aware of fine lines. ;). Is good for summer and winter weather.

  23. I used the Youth surge from Clinique but it was not any miracle. Just regular moisturizer. Last year I met Mary Kay products and I am using them since then. My skin is quite mixed so I got moisturizer for dry skon as a night cream and moisturizer for oily skins as a day cream. What I love the best are the day and night solutions with really good anti wrinkle formula and the day solution is with spf 30. Which is great even at seaside. It is from timewise product range.

  24. Hi Andy!

    I really don’t like Clinique products. It depends a lot from the person, on my sister skin they are perfect on me a disaster, I always have some spots on my face after using Clinique products.

    I highly recommend you Chanel Hydramax Gel. It costs a lot (like 60 euros) but it’s a great investement. Ask for some samples and try it, it is amazing!

  25. I like the Clarins one. I use it too but I can relate to what you’re saying. I use a serum before using clarins and it leaves my skin nourished pretty well.

  26. You should really try Kiehl’s.
    I am such a big fan of almost all of their products!
    Cannot recommend them enough. And as you are living in Amsterdam, you even have the luxury of your very own shop.

  27. Hi dear, I had some problem with the Clinique’s products, so pay attention on it. If you find strange little water ball on your face, stop immediately. I suggest you the Herborist, it’s totally amazing: there is in cream or in fluid or in syrum: you can choose the texture you prefer. If you can spend even more is absolutely amazing the Guerlain Aqua-day. Long-lasting but so fresh At the end, is really good also the Rilastil Aqua you can buy it the the pharmacy shop. Let us know what about yours!

  28. Choosing a moisturizer in a sea of products is so overwhelming. I am currently using La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat and I love it! It has gel-like consistency and moisturizes very well :)


  29. I also use the clarins, but you should always switch up your skincare because your skin gets used to the product and the results aren’t as affective. I’d try something new and then switch back after about 6-8 months x

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