July 4, 2013 in Beauty by Andy


 I’ve been using Clarins HydraQuench cream-gel for about 2 years now but lately, it doesn’t feel right anymore. I love the fact that is sort of a “gel” and doesn’t leave my face all sticky and shiny after applying, but then, I feel like I have to get like 2 or 3 coats for it to really moisturize properly (?). I have been thinking about trying something different for a few weeks but I just couldn’t make up my mind about which was the best option.

I was at Frankfurt’s airport yesterday and I bumped into the Youth Surge by Clinique. It says “Age Decelerating” and it better be magic on a tub , specially since my birthday is on the 17 of July and I need something to stop me from aging another year 😛 hahahah

I will start using this now and I will keep you posted on how it feels. I know that its hard to find beauty products that really do the trick, so I apreciate all the advice and I will definitely share my findings with you.

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