Andy Torres wearing white wide legged pants and Neri Karra bag Andy Torres wearing white wide legged pants and Neri Karra bag STSC3447j Andy Torres wearing white wide legged pants and Neri Karra bag Andy Torres wearing white wide legged pants and Neri Karra bag STSC3458j STSC3280j

Pants: ZARA  |  Shoes: Senso  |  Top: ASOS  |  Bag: Limited edition Neri Karra bag  |  Gold bracelet: FashionSquad for Cooee

Finding wide legged pants long enough to fit the length of my legs was -almost- impossible and I literally had to search for months/years and so on. When it comes to wide leg pants, the longer the better -maybe not so long you are mopping the city floor, but at least long enough to reach the bottom of your heel-.

These pants are as long as I could find them and maybe they don’t reach the bottom of my heel while wearing high heels, but a little surgery on the hem will do.

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149 thoughts on “CLOUD 9

  1. I would really like to see a pin it button on all you pictures. Now I can only pint the first ones since pinterest sometimes is kind of retardet…Thanks!

  2. Love the chic white with the pop of the reptile print purse!!!! so clean and fresh!!!!

  3. This reminds me of the outfit Vanessa Hudgens wore in London this month. I am totally going to remake it.
    You pull of all white very well.

  4. This is one of my favorite looks so far! Actually, I would say it’s because I’m going into all minimal and simplicity is my motto as well (Thanks to my beloved mum I’ve tattooed this somewhere in my brain)!!! I’m so on love with this outfit, would love to find the right pair of wide legged pants now!!!

    And I don’t know whether you read/check your comments or not, but this is something I’ve wanted to say since you post a picture from this post on your Instagram and it is that sometimes I feel like we have something in common or you can read my mind… I sometimes try to pieces and think about how to style them and so far, throughout of your blog experience and since I discovered your blog, you have showed me how to style them, or I would just say we have almost the same taste in style. ;)

    You’re like a big inspiration to me and thank you so much for that!!!
    Best regards from Barranquilla (Colombia) a big kiss and warm hug!!! Lots of love!!! <3

  5. Looove the simply all white look! I love wide leg pants, in the colors of white, black, denim, and navy blue, so classic! ♥
    I loooove the last picture, such a great shot and perspective! Nice reflective sunnies :)

    My Old Navy Blogger event

  6. Loving the all-white look! My favourite item though are your amazing reflective sunnies … where are they from? I must have them!


  7. I love palazzo pants – although I could never pull them off! You look amazing.

  8. The all white combination is great and I love the match of your sunnies and bracelet, which is fun. But these lower armholes ask for a prettier bra.


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