tropicana1tropicana4 tropicana3tropicana5tropicana2tropicana6Skirt: American Apparel  |  Top: ASOS  |  Shoes: Mango  |  Bag: H&M  |  Sunglasses: ASOS
Not having great internet connection at the moment, in fact it took me about 2 hours to be able to upload these photos but on the bright side, the sun is shining, I am “living” 100 meters away from the sea and I couldn’t be happier about it after spending so many weeks under the rain and clouds.
Hope you like the photos!

157 thoughts on “TROPICANA

  1. Incredible look! This color bloc outfit is so chic!! And the combination of fabrics makes it look even more classy.

  2. Oh and I am not a Liverpool or Chelsea supporter, even so the way the Liverpool fans were still singing You’ll Under no circumstances Walk alone when their team was losing and the game was almost finished was charming. Big respect.

  3. In love with your sunnies! I’m sporting mirrored ones non-stop here in Moscow too ;) And I’ve never seen a tattoo look so classy before.

  4. I’m so amazed by the way you’ve improved your style… I mean I seriously love every single detail about these photos! You look gorgeous!!


  6. These photographs are incredible! You look so so gorgeous! I love your skirt, such an amazing

  7. Andy,This backdrop suits you PERFectly! It was worth the 2-hour internet connection delay (:I hope you have more fun, beach days ahead of you!xo |

  8. Andyyyy!!! Este ha sido uno de los mejores looks… bueno de los que a mi personalmente me ha gustado! Disfruta Mexico!!!

  9. Andy, muchas felicidades, siempre luces muy guapa y tienes un gusto exquisito para todo. Creo que por eso siempre vemos tus fotos!! Me encanta que seas latina ;)

  10. It was worth it, these photos are stunning Andy!Probably the best photos from a Stylescrapbook post ever! I love themxxxEmmSPIN DIZZY FALL

  11. Gorgeous ! These pictures serial is amazing, it's a fabulous place, this outfit fit you so well !XXXxx

  12. are your brows natural or you used makeup to make them look like that? i really like them

  13. you are more and more beautiful! Guess the tattoo is the thing that express the most your feelings right now =) I'm jelouse =)Have a nice

  14. you are just perfect, Andy.Perfection is always simple. Great job, keep doing it! :DMel

  15. Ahh can you stop, you're making me and everyone else jealous of a) your weather b) your bangin' bod!

  16. Sorry to hear your internet connection isn't great. I'm glad you mangaed to upload these fabulous photos. Adorable look. I love the cool skirt and the shoes <3xxglamdevils

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