Andy Torres wearing Alexander Wang skirt in Puerto Vallarta


Skirt: Alexander Wang  |  Top: H&M Trend  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

Drama, Drama, Drama…Ever since I started changing servers and blogging platform 4 days ago, everything seems to be going wrong, hence why I haven’t updated the blog in the past few days.

I just hope I get things working properly in the next few days and so far, I am not impressed with WordPress, just saying.



145 thoughts on “TROPICAL NIGHTS

  1. I have the same problem ever since I used WordPress. They said it is way better to use especially for google ranking, but I had so much problem alng the way before I can finally blog..and I still am not happy on what I have now. But i stick to it for the mean time since it is still working. But i guess, you will get used to it Andy! Hold on and good luck!

  2. Great outfit and lovely photos!
    Sorry about the drama. I was also thinking about moving to wp and in he end decided to stick to blogger because I wasn’t impressed by wp. Of course I was just planning to use the free .com version. Probably the self-hosted and paid version is better … Or maybe not!

  3. Ahhhhh I finally can see your Blog again >.<. Hope that everything goes better from now on.
    P.S.: I love the photos!

  4. I know what it’s like to change your blog and most things are not working and you get all stressed out because people can’t see it properly. It sucks, I know.
    I’ve always been able to surf on your blog, it hasn’t changed that much but I like it. I like the new font from the post titles, it’s cool.
    Now the post… This has to be one of my favorite post from the past few weeks. Black is my color, I love it and it is my go-to color when I’m not in the mood to “complicate” my outfit. And I really like the way you captured the moment, it’s different from what we’re used to.

    xo, Sara

  5. You look absolutely perfect Andy! Love how you’ve styled the crop top!

    Just give the blog change some time. I’ve been using WordPress for many many years on a lot of different websites, and eventuelly when you’ve figured everything out, it is an a-ma-zing platform! Good look Andy!

  6. Hello

    As usual an “all in black look” is always chic.
    You’re highlighted by the graphics of palm trees. And having taken the photos at night gives an intensity to them.

    This outfit suits you very well :)


  7. The best best best outfit in past few weeks. Love them all but mosty the top!!
    Loves from Turkey

  8. Love this outfit! Everyone seems to love WordPress so I reckon wait a little and you will probably adore it!

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