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Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run iD  |  Shorts: TopShop Unique  |  Shirt: Mango (old)  |  Jacket: 5 inch and up for Nelly
When Nike and Fashiolista asked me to design my perfect Roshe Run iD‘s, I literally spent hours and hours creating different color combinations. I doubted for a bit on wether I had chosen the right colors but now I am sure I did.
I have been able to mix and match them with so many items in my closet and although a white sneaker is tricky to keep clean, I know myself and I know that I will, at least for a while.

133 thoughts on “THE RIGHT ONE

  1. Dear Andy!

    I have to say you are the most stylish blogger I know.
    You always inspire me with your outfits!

    I also wanted to ask you some size advice, I’m very interested to make my own Roshe iD’s, but I don’t know about how the shoe sizes go, i’m usually an EU 40!

    Love, Nina

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  3. Lovin those NikeIDs!! got 2 pairs myself and love them so this has given me good inspiration for another pair.Have you tried You can save products from any site to Stuffster like a Wishlist but it also tracks each item & alerts you if any go on sale! so great for saving money on latest fashions…Just thought you might like to try

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  5. Oh my god I love your shoes they are awesome,I wanted to design nike shoes for myself, too but I am scared that they won't fit afterwards. xoxo Vanessa

  6. i am mad for your shoes!xxx

  7. lovely outfit !it's totally you !XXXxx


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