T-Shirt: COS  |  Denim Shorts: MiH Jeans  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

Some of you might have noticed that the blog looks slightly different than it used to. We have been working on this subtle change for weeks which has taken a little longer than expected.

I used Blogger for 5 and a half years but there was only so much I could do with it and I had the desire to make the blog a little more interactive, so few months ago, I decided to move over to WordPress and after working on it for the past few weeks, it finally happened today.

We are in the middle of changing servers and adding few new features so I apologize in advance if something isn’t working. Regarding some feedback from Twitter and Facebook, most of you cant access the blog at this point so I am really happy that YOU were one of the few who managed to get through. if you have any more feedback please dont hesitate in letting me know.

Big Kiss and again, HUGE THANKS for all the support.



84 thoughts on “THE BRIDGE

  1. Love your new blog design. It is very you and much more clean and sleek. But I have problem to login the “To start connecting please log in first. You can also create an account.” section via my facebook account. Anyway nice work keep going Andy :)

  2. Love it ! Wich is the font u are using , I can’t find it and I think it’s really cute, thnks

  3. I love the lay-out! I wonder what’s the difference beetween blogger and wordpress, because I’m going to give my blog a make over, maybe I should change servers too?
    By the way, can you speak dutch? Because I found out you live in Holland! So do I. And I recognised you on a diary, YOUR diary! I love it!

  4. Wow I have to say that I prefer this new version, it looks more light and interactive just as you wanted I think :)

  5. Andy, I hope the switch from Blogger to WordPress is the best for you. I can still access as you see but I can’t see new posts in my dashboard. xoxo Vanessa

  6. I honestly didn’t believe you’d pull off such a risky look, U feel like you mostly prefer to reveal only this much at a time, but you are undoubtedly looking fabulous! Also, two words: leg envy.

  7. Looove how the blog looks, but the text font is so small that I had to zoom it to read it. Yor outfit is great, loved your bra!
    Hope you’re having fun in Mexico!

  8. Puedo ver la temática nueva, debe ser por mi obsesión de entrar siempre, me han premiado, jajaja. Se ve súper lindo Andy, felicidades! Solo tengo una preguntilla, y es el tema del login, entro con mi password de facebook o como es? Te mando un beso super enorme. Hermoso outfit, como siempre. Love you so much!

  9. Hola Andy! se ve hermoso todo nada más que el texto en las entradas si es un poco pequeño para leer con comodidad, aunque tal vez soy yo que estoy un poco ciega :) saludos desde Mexicali !!

    1. estoy de acuerdo, con lo de la letra no se si es muy pequeña o más bien me parece muy delgada o tal vez el tipo de letra, no se pero cuesta leerla

  10. Me encantan todas tus fotos! Soy tu fan Andy, neta! haha por cierto, son las nuevas decoraciones del lugar en el hotel? Yo espero ir este año de nuevo, me encanta ir ahí. Saludos xo*

  11. andy!! esta prefecto el cambio, me gusta ,solo una peticion! no se si soy muy ciega o q pasa pero las letras se me hacen mucho muy pequeñas!! , el tipo de letra esta genial porque es muy claro pero de vdd se me dificulta mucho leerlo y ya con lentes y todo!

  12. no creo que todo mundo pueda leer esta letra tan pequeña, no creo que sea la mejor opción.

  13. I love your blog… and is the only one i really read, the other ones I just see the pics, but this new font is difficult to read. If you can change it to a more legible one. Thank you!! Que la sigas pasando bien en México!

  14. bonjour profite pleinement de la construire avec mon alter ego.j en suis ravie pas prise pour voté sur passé mon emploi du temps avoir votre commentaires super.merci

  15. Hey Andy! I love your style and this look is no exception. I follow your blog everyday; you are beautiful and inspiring. I love what you do. Honestly, I hope I can meet you one day because you have impacted my life without even knowing who I am.
    Have an amazing day, and enjoy Mexico and the beach! <3
    Much love,
    Holly Kern

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