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Skirt: TopShop  |  Shoes: MANGO  |  Cropped top: H&M  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

And to think I was about to get rid of this skirt. The other day as I was doing a Spring clean out and bringing the items I don’t wear anymore out of my closet, this was one of the unlucky ones. It stayed on a small pile of clothes waiting for me to figure out what to do with it, but then, as I started packing for my trip to Mexico, I glanced over and saw it. What was I thinking!?

It is now safely hanging back in my closet.


209 thoughts on “RAIN CITY

  1. Wow that’s so cool! The exact same thing happened to me, I even blogged about it in my latest post.
    Had a maxi skirt lying on a pile to sell at a flea market and decided to wear it for a blog post anyways, now loving it again <3

    xoxo Iris

  2. I am in love with this skirt! I just love the way you move with it, and the unique colour of the skirt. It’s different! I would totally wear that outfit!

  3. hahah well good thing you didn’t throw it away! It’s fun to reinvent ways to wear things right!? the location is gorgeous and the photos seem to do the outfit justice :D

  4. Ow woow. I love how the skirt conects with the colours of the sky and rain. Yes, the similar thing happens to me all the time, I get clothes I don’t want to wear in one bag, and get ready to get read of it, and then I find something great in the bag. It’s probably because I had a bad day or something when I was packing the bag :P


    Peach Black

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