144 thoughts on “NEW PLACES

  1. Oh yes it’s a really beautiful piece ! I would love to wear this kind of stuffs but I’m not tall enought !!


  2. Stunning outfit Andy!! I love black and white and the shoes are especially amazing :-)

    xx, V


  3. You always look like a high-fashion model in your pictures and I always adore your clothes!! I think this outfit is my favorite. The simple black and white with the different layers. Another amazing post!

    – The Fashionista Tourist

  4. This look-the outfit, the setting, the photos-it’s definitely in my top five looks for Style Scrapbook.

  5. Agreed! This trench coat is such a great find specially when the weather is picking up and the dress makes the look so elegant as well!

  6. ¡Impresionante! El vestido es hermoso y algo diferente, al principio creí que era una falda. Todo en este look me parece maravilloso, te ves muy bien.

  7. Ive never left comment here but this time I must. This outfit is the best you have ever posted on your blog! Absolutely amazing!

  8. How the heck do you always manage to find these ultra-chic pieces at H&M?! You’re like a treasure hunter.


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