June 28, 2013 in Photo Diaries, Trips by Andy

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Ahhhhhh! I’ve been back from Sweden for only 3 days and Im still feeling bummed about leaving. I had one of those weeks in which you disconnect from the world and just have a huge amount of fun, laugh until your belly aches, eat a lot, talk a lot, dance a lot, walk a lot, meet fun new people and just enjoy life. Those kinds of moments are pretty priceless and what make life special.

FINALLY saw the “never setting sun” during midsummer and I have to say, it was pretty freaking magical !, in fact, I am starting to think I should make a tradition of spending midsummer in Sweden every year.

This week was definitely one to remember, for a long, a very long time…

Big thanks to my beloved Scandic Grand Central for the hospitality. Most definitely my home away from home in Stockholm <3

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