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Bikini: Triangl Swimwear

I have been very absent this weekend, but I have a pretty good excuse. No, I didn’t spend the whole time swimming in this infinity pool, quite the contrary, but I did spend a good hour enjoying one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!

I was in Acapulco for the weekend filming the ELLE Mexico Diseña final, a TV show that we have been filming for already a few months and that concluded yesterday. I had been looking forward to this trip for the longest time and I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I walked into my hotel room and saw this private pool in my balcony. Unfortunately, the night before we started filming the final episode, I got food poisoning and spent all morning beyond sick and even had to get 2 injections from the doctor. I don’t know how I pulled through and managed to show my face on TV cameras after the morning I had, but I did it and I feel so happy and grateful that I was able to be a part of this project.




169 thoughts on “INFINITY

  1. Oh no poor you for getting sick! i hae seeing the doctor when im on a trip,i never have that trust for what the do, bad right?
    Im glad it went well though and you were able to ‘test’ the pool ;)

  2. Andy me presenté contigo el sabado despues de la final! espero te acuerdes de mi! Make-up artist! Te mando un beso espero que te sientas mejory sigue disfrutando acapulco! Un beso desde Puebla!

  3. Gorgeous view! This is the first post of your blog I have read and I’m looking forward to many more!

  4. great bikini!!!
    pls make a post on your diet too…and tips on healthy SNACKING!! i dont know if u have been rceiving request for post on diet…but u ve been sort of inspiration for me to be physically fit…u have a great physique..

  5. Love the pictures, wish there were more.
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  6. Absolute perfection Andy! and you look in perfect shape! :)

    xx pauline

  7. Congratulations honey for the amazing project! As for the pool as I was reading the post and discovered that it was in your balcony I couldn’t stop myself to envy you just a little bit:(.Hope you don’t mind! Good to know that you are fine now! Have a great week!

    The Lovely Darlings

  8. The most beautiful!!
    Not one of the most!
    At least now at the beginning of holiday.
    Are you not tired emotionally of seeing so many outstading places?
    Best Dressed Poland

  9. Andy me encanta que pongas a mexico tan en alto! Soy tu fan hace relativamente poco, pero me encanta todo lo que haces! Toda la buena vibra!

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