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Total look by KENZO

 After a very brief holiday with my family, I am flying to Mexico City tomorrow and straight to Acapulco the day after to film the final episode of ELLE Mexico Diseña.

This has been an incredible project to be a part of, in fact one of my favorites and I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been considered to be one of the judges on this fantastic TV show. I am quite certain we have found some incredible talents and that the winner, whoever it might be, will hopefully make Mexico proud within the Fashion industry.

May the best one win!




  1. Amo tu blog. Ever since i saw you on ELLE MEXICO DISEÑA i was like who is andy? then i looked you up and found your blog and i think you have amazing fashion, I know started my own blog styling my sisters and showing off some of my so called PHOTOGRAPHY! skills lol i hope you check out my blog PISANA!

    P.S.(hop you can give me some tips lol)


  2. Me encanto verte en este programa, vi el video que publico Sara en youtube y la verdad es que son unas lindas, talentosas y bellas por dentro y por fuera, felicidades!!!

  3. El programa esta muy bien hecho! Me gustan como toman sus desiciones para seleccionar al ganador. Cada uno se mete en su papel, y el tuyo que es ver lo usable o no del vestido, lo haces muy bien Andy!

  4. Wooow congratulation on this project!! I bet you family are beyond happy god you. Love how the hair is pulled back in these pictures! Have fun In Acapulco Hugs

  5. I love your style! And Acapulco is such a great place, I went there for vacation when I was younger. Congrats on all the success!

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