63 thoughts on “DANISH DELIGHT

  1. Yes you definitely should! I’m sure you can carry it so well. I recently bought a pair of white heels from Zara and I’m hoping to match it with a white bag soon =)

  2. Definitely go for the sweater, it would be a lot more versatile! However if you think you can pull of both then don’t hesitate as the print is gorgeous.


  3. I think that you are not writting With The inspiration and emotio that you did before… Why? I miss the way of your old post, come back! </3

  4. Love it !!

    XX Luba 

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  5. I wouldn’t :D it looks awesome. I especially like that it’s a leopard print but in green. Who does that. That’s so unique. So, I think you shouldn’t resist :)


    Peach Black


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