ps1Bag: Proenza Schouler

I rarely fall into a bags spell. I actually have a favorite bag and I am pretty sure most of you would be able to guess which as I wear it every second post, if not every single day.

I must be suffering from some sort of Proenza Schouler fever, which isn’t healthy or cheap for that matter. I am gonna have abstain this once and just stare at these photos for now.



56 thoughts on “BREATHE AND COUNT TO 10

  1. These two guys are so talented to design nice bags. I love my ps1 a lot and if I had the budget I would probably buy one of their collection every season. This one is also very nice! Beautiful shape, beautiful styling <3

  2. well, I’m so obsessed with your Classic PS… it’s just so perfect and so unattainable. oh Proenza Schouler, please donate me!

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