May 28, 2013 in Collaborations by Andy

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Sneaker enthusiast, me? Hell yes! 
The other night, it occurred to me I own approximately 15 pairs of sneakers and for some bizarre reason, the urge of getting more is taking over me. In my defense, I love exercising and going out for runs, so at least I get to use them on a daily basis.
When Nike and Fashiolista contacted me about designing my very own Nike Roshe Run iD, I most definitely couldnt resist. I own a few pairs of Free Runs and some other Dunk Sky Hi, but this would be my very first pair of Roshe’s.
I love the fact that I got to customize them myself, pick any color combination I wanted and most importantly, iD them at the back, because you know, I’ve never had sneakers with my name on them so it was about time!
It took me quite a while to come up with the perfect color combo. I have pink, purple, black, blue, etc, etc, etc sneakers, but it occurred to me I didn’t really own a white pair, you know, for that “easy to mix and match” effect. I went for the all white on the shoe, but wanted to add an accent of 2 of my favorite colors and thats why I came up with the Mint green and black. 
To be honest, after all the different combinations I tried, I think these are the most wearable and will definitely be doing some cameos on my looks of the day for years to come.
Design your Roshe shoe HERE!