May 11, 2013 in Photo Diaries by Andy

facingfear1 facingfear2 facingfear3
Getting a tattoo is not everyones cup of tea. I remember the first time the thought of getting one occurred to me years ago, my mom was NOT impressed, I can tell you that. The thing is, I am terrified of needles so that was mental block #1, then I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get and there was NO CHANCE I would permanently tattoo something in my body without being 100% certain of what I wanted.
As the years went by, my desire of getting one grew and I was finally narrowing it down. I finally have decided what I wanted, a word on the right side of my ribs and this word was so important and powerful to me that I was almost 100% convinced, but now I had to overcome mental block #1, my extreme fear of needles.
I have been lingering on this though for years and for the last few months it only grew stronger. Yesterday, I finally grew some …. and got it done, FINALLY!
The tattoo is something in my own hand writing and every time I look down at it and remember I have it on my body, it makes me so happy! So I guess it did the trick 100%.
Overcoming a fear is something so incredibly powerful and its not only the happiness of finally getting what I wanted on my body, but the fact that I was brave enough to go through with it.
I cant wait to show you!