May 16, 2013 in Shopping by Andy

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Gold Arrow Bracelet with diamons: Sofie Valkiers for Diamanti Per Tutti  | Rubies ring: Pvdh Jewelry  |  Snake Ring: Momocreatura via Boticca  |  Feather Ring: LeiVanKash via Boticca
Its amazing how I never used to pay too much attention to jewelry before and now its one of the things I am the most obsessed about. I am starting to collect beautiful timeless pieces which I wear literally every single day and probably will for a very long time.
Photo 2) The arrow bracelet with diamonds was a present from the Sweet Sofie Valkiers, the evil eye bracelet was an extremely lucky find at a small store at The Grove in Los Angeles and the small circular one right next to it was a sweet present my one of my Mexican readers Christianne. Then there’s my beloved Hermes bracelet which was a very special birthday present last year.
Photo 3) Oh la la am I obsessed with this rubies band or what? This was a present from fellow Mexican blogger and designer Paola Van Der Hulst who recently started her own jewelry line. I chose the rubies because it is my birth stone as I am a summer baby from the month of July.
Photo 4) This snake ring with rubies eyes from momocreatura really took my breath away. Again, rubies are my birth stone so choosing was a no brainer for me, plus is small and discreet, just perfect.
Photo 5) And last but definitely not least, my gold feather from LeiVanKash which is actually supposed to be a pinky ring, but my fingers are too long and bony to fit it in my pinky, so the next finger will have to do.
Which one is your favorite piece?