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Jacket: Sandro  |  Jeans: DL1961  |  Shoes: Rolando Santana  |  T-Shirt: Citizens of Humanity  |  Corset: H&M Trend (old)  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Beetle necklace: Rachel Entwistle via Boticca
I’ve been wanting to wear this jacket for close to 4 months and I cant believe it had been hanging in my closet all along. In all fairness, winter wasn’t really the perfect time to wear it and since I have the matching shorts as well, I really need some better weather to sport them out.
Do you also have certain pieces you have been saving for Summer?

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  1. Actually it is the other way around for me. I only have pieces that I've been waiting for my winter holidays to come and only able to wear it. Where I'm from, it's summer all year round.I like your blazer. I'm sure it'll look really good with a pair of shorts too. Pairing it with a leather bustier is something totally out of what I have in mind =)

  2. You're so pretty !! I always love the light in your pictures :)I love this outfit, it's so original !!And yes I'm saving all the spring and summer clothes I've bought months ago, I can't wait to wear them, if spring finally comes one day (let's start with spring, we'll see later for summer ;)

  3. Can't wait to see you sport both jacket and shorts :)Oh, and I do that all the time, saving stuff 'till summer (or winter, as at the end of the summer I always start craving layers and heavy knits)Great outfit!NOMADISMBYINE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  4. I'm actually keeping a lot of clothes to wear when I lose weight… So, I get the point. But what I adore msot about your post are your shoes! <3 I simply adore their minimalistic shape and how they fit the leg <3Alexandra

  5. Love your style, Andy! I just watched a video of you on youtube on some tips for successful blogging and I loved it! xxCome and check out my brand new personal blog! I think you are gonna love it! :)

  6. Very cool look, I love the leather gorset and your shoes. If you have a second please visit my blog to check my new post

  7. Hi Andy! I hope you can help me. I visited Rolando Santana's site and in the last picture of this shoes in silver i read "Manolo Blanik"! i don't understand, are your (gorgeous) shoes from Rolando Santana or Manolo Blanik? please answer!!!Lucia

  8. Super cool & sexy look!It's sad that you didn't take of your t-shirt, would have looked much better…

  9. Estas preciosa como siempre. Ya quiero ver cómo combinas el total look de la chaqueta. Un beso desde BarcelonaMila

  10. In love with the jacket! Can totally see why you were dying to wear it

  11. Such a gorgeous jacket, bet it looks amazing as a shorts suit.Have a fab week Hun xoxo

  12. Beautiful as always! Love everything about your outfit!xx

  13. I understand you so well. This weather is so frustrating. I have bought so many summer stuff that I can't wear. It's unbearableXoxo

  14. yes, have some summer pieces :)and this jacket looks amazing babe !! :)xx

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