April 28, 2013 in Inspiration, Shopping by Andy

insidebag1 insidebag2
You should see the weight I carry inside my purse on any given day. If I ask someone to hold my bag for a few seconds the; Are you carrying stones? question always comes up. Well no, I am not carrying stones, but I do carry my phone, lipstick, keys, a mini bottle of my favorite perfume, glasses, sunglasses, headphones, make up and and and the list goes on….You know, because everything is essential (!?) 
I always find it so difficult to find things inside my bag, everything gets mixed and tangled together so I came up with the -not so ground breaking- idea of putting the things in my bag inside another bag, if that makes any sense (?). Girls will be girls and boys, don’t try to understand why we carry so much sh*# around, we do and we always will.