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You should see the weight I carry inside my purse on any given day. If I ask someone to hold my bag for a few seconds the; Are you carrying stones? question always comes up. Well no, I am not carrying stones, but I do carry my phone, lipstick, keys, a mini bottle of my favorite perfume, glasses, sunglasses, headphones, make up and and and the list goes on….You know, because everything is essential (!?) 
I always find it so difficult to find things inside my bag, everything gets mixed and tangled together so I came up with the -not so ground breaking- idea of putting the things in my bag inside another bag, if that makes any sense (?). Girls will be girls and boys, don’t try to understand why we carry so much sh*# around, we do and we always will.

105 thoughts on “THE BAG INSIDE THE BAG

  1. Hi, which lip balm do you use? could you make an update of your skincare and make up…Last time was only about you trying to switch from Clarins to Clinique moisture surge. Hope you could please let us know.

  2. Andy ! if you like this kind of purse, you MUST see the Fratelinis by us (Rockmafia !)Very cute photo, we are fond of it !Xxxhttp://rockmafialeblog.blogspot.fr

  3. I get asked the very same question by people who carry my bag! Im ever the hoarder. Note to self: Must pack light.Namrata

  4. I always want to carry a light weighted purse, but like you i wanted to put in everything i think i will need. I use bag organizers often, and have couple of mini bags inside my bag to make my things organized and easy to find. Thanks for your wonderful post. :)

  5. Look who's featured on Glamour :)

  6. I actually think your inside of your bag isn't that full! Mine gets so much worse now that I have a 2 year old! LOL! Have a great day! xx Pip

  7. I always carry around so much!! My best friend does the same as you and carries a bag inside her bag! It makes sense and it's a lot easier to find the things you need :)hannah

  8. OMG this is so true! I can never fit everything I want to carry in a tiny purse/satchel (so I'm wondering how do those stylish ladies accomplish this? Do they have a male partner that willingly carries everything for them?). Haha, but using a bag inside a bag idea is useful (and yes boys will never understand)

  9. I always carry a long too much aswell. I often use these kind of little bags in my handbag, but after a few days everything is a mess again anyway, so now I gave up ..www.tripsandtreasures.netnew outfit post

  10. You should make a blog post about your everyday essentials! I always carry too much stuff as well and I don't use half of what I carry.. (but I always take them anyways incase of…)

  11. I understand you when someone ask you: Are you carrying stones? thanks for sharing this post! Lovely blog!xoxo from Milan

  12. I understand you when someone ask you: Are you carrying stones? thanks for sharing this post! Lovely blog!xoxo from Milan

  13. I totally get what you mean! I feel like I overpack even when it comes to my everyday purse. But a lot of the times I rationalize by thinking, "Well, it might come in handy!" or "What if this/that happens? Then at least I'm prepared!" haha. I have a few pouches inside my bag too, just to keep things organized. It becomes a burden on my shoulders though. Ah, the price we have to pay for being girls. LOLMegann, Style Surgery

  14. Such a good idea! I always find old receipts and bits of (unused) chewing gum which have fallen out of the wrapper. We're strange us girls… don't even get me started on pockets!

  15. Don't worry I am just like you ! Even when I'm going to school I HAVE to have all that crap with me and it happens that my makeup bag is almost as heavy as my 300 pages history bookXoxo

  16. haha same here! I carry EVERYTHING in my bag and when I go out & I have to chose a clutch…Well, let's say I spend a whole lot of time trying to jam all the "essentials" in ;) The bf jokes about it a lot but then he never complains when he needs something (pen, water, band-aid, etc) and I have it with me :P

  17. OMG!! I understand you perfectly well. I would need take with me a suitcase instead a bag in my daily life: a lot of necessary things "just in case…", you know. In fact, when I have to use little bags or clutches to go to a party or a special event, I feel as if I were naked !

  18. I know the feeling!!! I do exactly the same <3 I put my essentials like keys phone waller in a smaller bag though so it's easier to find in my mess :)xx

  19. lol i so agree with you. i m so use to carry heavy bags that once when me n friend exchanged our handbags i felt like i m not carrying a bag at all made me feel incomplete..

  20. I so feel with you. I always take half of my wardrobe and tons of make up and other ESSENTIAL stuff in my bag :Dhttp://www.thefashionfraction.com

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