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Skirt/Dress: H&M Trend  |  Jacket: ZARA  |  Shoes: Senso  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Sweatshirt: COS
FINALLY, we finally got a 20 degree day and what was I to do? Go bare legged of course. Man I do need to get some color on my legs again. I could have sworn that I had some of my Mexican tan left, you know, from when I was in Mexico last month but no, it appears it has faded :-/.
Seems like I have a slight crush on this shade of orange -which might appear red on the photos but I can assure you its a “dark” shade of orange, almost like a cousin of orange if you know what I mean-. What I am wearing is in fact a dress that I had to layer, simply because it wasn’t 30 degrees outside yet and I needed to keep certain coverage.
I wore a suit in this shade of orange last month and a coat on the post 2 days ago, I kinda love it!
Después de una LARGA espera, finalmente tuvimos un día de 20 grados centígrados – ¿y que fue lo primero que hice?, obviamente salirme sin medias. Yo juraba que seguía bronceada de mi viaje a Mexico el mes pasado, pero aparentemente tengo las piernas mas pálidas que Gasparín :-/
Parece ser que estoy algo obsesionada con este tono anaranjado -que podría parecer rojo en las fotos, pero te aseguro que no lo es. Lo que llevo es de hecho un vestido, no una falda, pero le agregué otras capas simplemente por que no estábamos a 30 grados y necesitaba llevar algo mas encima.
 Me puse un traje en este tono el mes pasado y un abrigo en el post de hace 2 dias, ¡me fascina!  

156 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

  1. I’d love to retire in San Raphael, France on the Mediterranean Sea. It is so wonderful! I’d also get the job done on learning French since extremely few men and women there speak English.


  3. We're all going crazy with the weather! haha The last photo is my favorite, so perfect. And the shades are really cool, not so sure I could pull them off though :/

  4. I like your haristyle! It is something different and really suits you!Curious to see the whole dress :)

  5. Your hair OMG that looks so cute on you<3 love the glasses and I'm amazed by the way you combine the jacket and the skirt. totally love this look! keep inspiring! Looking forward to your next post as always:)

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