160 thoughts on “ONE, TWO, THREE

  1. Hi there Andy! I'm Queenly from the Philippines and I always enjoy reading your everyday posts! You dress so simple but they all look so elegant and extraordinary. You really combine pieces of clothes so great! :)http://queenlytan.blogspot.com/

  2. Hello,I found your blog recently and it's amazing, I can't stop reading it and look at those wonderful pictures. I just started a new fashion blog and I would love to get feedback from you how I can make it better, here is my URL http://street-fsn.blogspot.se/ Have a nice day :) xo julia BB

  3. I love, love, love all your looks sooooo much! <3 <3 <3 You are one of the most beautiful women in the world! <3Thanks for the daily inspirations and the wonderful pictures!! Many KissesAnnanikabu

  4. I'm digging all the deep reds. They feel like a cool neutral tone with your look.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  5. Wow:))Such a beautiful look♥ Totally love that outfit! Jacket and sunnies are great! Look perfect on you:))and you have such an amazing smile!♥ just grogeous!maybe you would want to visit my blog while having some free time?:))

  6. @Sara Morais:Thank yo so so so much for the sweet comment dear. Im so happy that you notice and grateful about the fact that you take your time to let me know <3A

  7. You are definitely my favorite fashion blogger :) I'm being truly honest; I think you're genuine, you're not just a doll working for brands. I might be wrong about it but it seems that you wear what you really like and you always stay true to yourself. That's great Andy!xoxo, Sara *http://www.thecitified.com

  8. andy t superas dia tras diaNEW OUTFIT: ELECTRIC COLORS WITH DENIMhttp://www.showroomdegarde.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/yellow-denim-and-blue-electric.html

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