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Boots: Chloé
So these boots have been haunting my dreams for years, yeah, years, literally years. I was always going back and forth on whether I thought they were a little bit too much. Well, almost 4 years later I find myself loving the fact that they are in fact “too much”.
These boots are the epitome of cool in my opinion. They are the kind of shoe that people either love or hate. I kinda freakin’ love them to be honest.

118 thoughts on “OH SUSANNA

  1. OMG! It's my name :) And this post came out at the 25st of April, one of the major holidays here in Portugal! Made my day :) I have been loving these boots for almost the same time as you… Recently I've started my own blog… still in construction, but I hope you like it!Susana xoxo

  2. I love them too! I see everyday girl craving them and trying them on in the store but very few can actually walk away with them.They are a bit too much for me too though :) but I'd love to get them for my love.xoxoxo

  3. How could anyone not be crazy in love with them??? <3 I want to be rich :( Guess I have to wait for someone selling them when they will not be in trend anymore, just like I got my black Westwood pirate boots! I love the Susan also in blush color, that light pink is goooooooorgious!

  4. I'm in love with these, I haven't seen them in red before but they look gorgeous!! :) ♥http://abeautyromancee.blogspot.co.uk/http://abeautyromancee.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. I think they're so expensive, so I've been trying to get the Jeffrey Campbell ones in black! Love them!!!xxx- Laurahttp://ucouldbemysomeone.blogspot.com

  6. YES, i've been eyeing on the nude pair for a while now ! How much were they? Envying the fact you actually bought them! Drop by & make my day @ wittyinwhite.blogspot.com :)

  7. Awesomeee! :) I think you will rock them. Can't wait to see an outfit post with them.Have a nice day,Petrahttp://vbistvubistvani.blogspot.com/

  8. They look gorgeous and I'm sure you'll wear them well Andy.I'm confused though, how can you know the for years, i'm sure they only came out last year ;)

  9. When my sister first showed me the Susanna boots I was really skeptical. But I agree – they are extremely cool! I would have gone with black, but I already own so many black boots that red seems like the way to go! I am very jealous :)divine-time.blogspot.com.au

  10. I adore them too, especially in the red!Win a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses of your choice!Happy Thursday Hun xoxohttp://www.intotheblonde.com/

  11. Love those Celine boots, and fact, that they are "too much" is a good thing. I think you will rock them :)Love, Egle G. {HideInSugar}

  12. ¡Qué belleza! Me gustaría tener unas, pero por el momento soy feliz con los clones que sacó Stradivarius en color negro.Disfruta los tuyos, ♥

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