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I am pretty sure that some of you will understand what I mean when I say that Spring hasn’t really arrived to Europe yet. I check my weather app constantly and it shows zero degrees, I show my nose out the window and it feels like -3. 
In hindsight, it hasn’t helped that I got really sick for almost a week and a half, so my body is really not happy about the freezing cold outside in April (!!!!)
 Its that time of the year when everyone starts planning their summer holidays and as every year, I start going all crazy about possible locations to go to; Bali, Vietnam, The Maldives, Bora Bora, the list is endless.
Thing is, this year I want exotic so I have been doing some research and I bumped into this resort in Bora Bora, too bad its so damn far, not to mention expensive, but I can always day dream myself there until I pick a place.

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  1. Entiendo perfecto lo que sientes ! También soy mexicana, vivo en Francia y también ya estoy harta del frío !!! Besos

  2. Entiendo perfecto lo que sientes ! También soy mexicana, vivo en Francia y también ya estoy harta del frío !! Besos

  3. I remember going to Bora Bora with my parents when I was little! I fell in love with the powdery sand on the beach and hundreds of exotic fish nibbling at my toes when descending into the water from the dock! Unforgettable! I dream of going again and hope you make it there someday!!(='.'=)Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. Wow ! I would also love to go there someday.If you are looking for a stunning place to go and visit and closer to the Netherlands, I would recommend Corsica (The Island of Beauty as it's called).I don't know if you've already been there but the whole island is breath taking. I don't live there but always thrilled to go to Corsica :-)

  5. You should go to the Philippines at Boracay or El Nido someday Andy:) Weather here is extremely summer all year round!xx paulineclassycroissant.blogspot.com

  6. I went to an amazing place in Vietnam last year called Hoi An – the venice of Vietnam it had a bit of everything. Beach, history, parties.. and much cheaper than Bora bora! You should google it!

  7. Come to Denmark, we have spring! The sun is shining, and the weather is so hot that I can walk around only in a dress, tights and a blazer. Btw. I looove stylescrapbook, I've been following it for years now, and your post just gets better and better! (I love you) But I've always wondered who is taking your amazing photos? Is it a boyfriend or what?Looove from Julie from Denmark

  8. Quién no sueña con semejantes vacaciones!!Te sigo via bloglovin…y gfc!ME GUSTARÍA QUE TÚ PUEDAS SEGUIRME TAMBIÉN..Fuiste gran inspiración junto a otros blogger para SIMONACHIC….MI PEQUEÑO Y GRAN BLOG EN DONDE INTENTO VOLCAR TANTO MI GUSTO Y PASIÓN POR LA MODA COMO PARTE DE MI VIDA…Espero que eches un vistazo…y me sigas si te gusta!bye!…nos vemos en un próximo post!

  9. So funny! This is Le Meridien. My husband I were JUST there 4 weeks ago and stayed in the 2nd hut from the end facing the mountain! IT was EVERYTHING and more. Totally worth the money and the flight time. Although, it was only 8 from LAX but still would be worth it from Europe! See my pictures from Bora Bora on my blog!www.vintagetwovogue.blogspot.com

  10. Hola liinda! Que suertee, yo ya quiere que empiece el frío, acá en Argentina estamos en Otoño y todavía nos morimos de caloooor! :STe mandoo un besoo, tu blog es genial, lo visito tooodos los días!www.estacionestilo.blogspot.com

  11. That just cannot exist on Earth like that when we are freezing in Europe and this pretty houses just stand there above the waves EMPTY !!! Amazing resort, that's Bora Bora isn't it? Dream place to go.Love and get better !!Aleksandra & Lidiaof Make It Doubleehttp://makeitdoublee.blogspot.com/

  12. es genial, que paisajes tan bonitos me encantaría estar ahí relajadita con un bikini bonito y a nadar y relax.genialbesicos guapa***************http://patricelowcost.blogspot.com

  13. Pues Bora Bora es muyyy recomendable!! Yo estuve una semana ahí y creo que sólo salí dos días de mi water bungalow y del hotel para ir a cenar al Bloody Marys que es un must y a comprarme unas perlas típicas de ahí que son otro must!! Highly recommended!!!www.colourvibes.wordpress.com

  14. Sip! Aqui en Europa sigue siendo invierno, a veces hay sol (aqui en España) pero aun asi frio frio.Precioso el lugar, ojala yo tambien pudiera ir!xxherplaceattheuniverse.blogspot.com

  15. Bali, Vietnam or Thailand is good from out December-end of March. After this period its really hot and very rainy. I've just came back from Thailand – I really recomend, since it's not expensive. Koh Tao or Koh Phangan islands are nice..and Bangkok is great for shopping!V

  16. Andyy, vivo en España y ya he visto unos cuantos capítulos de Click. ¡Genial!Un saludo desde magicalsergiofashion.blogspot.com

  17. I know what you mean about the weather in Europe, im so tired of the rain, im from Portugal, a country that is tipically warm and sunny, this year though has been crazy.That resort in Bora Bora would be a dream come true! :)http://strawberryleopard.blogspot.pt/

  18. In Paris it's freezing too, it's so frustrating I can't wear my summer clothes yet… Your pictures made me dream, I totally picture myself there :Dxowww.leahudson.com

  19. Estuve hace un par de años y es fabuloso! te lo recomiendo Andy! volverás nueva…!curioso porque yo barajo también Bali y Maldivas para este año!Suerte con tu búsqueda!Besotes!

  20. Yo no aguanto más el invierno eterno alemán… así que tengo planeadas dos escapadas en las próximas semanas: siemrpe buscando el sol!En verano, ya veremos! ;)Feliz fin de semana!E.www.theslowpace.com

  21. A finales de mes viajo por primera vez a Bruselas-Brujas-Ámsterdam y estoy desde hace semanas voy mirando la APP para saber temperaturas y alucino con el frio que hace, pensaba que para finales de abril haría mejor temperatura… ahora gracias a tu entrada se que no es lo normal, menuda maleta me voy a tener que llevar.Aunque aquí en España esta pasando lo mismo el tiempo loco loco hoy hace un friooooooPor cierto no me importaría nada nada ir a este Resort de Borabora

  22. Oh So nice!Mi best places, for me, is Maldives and Polinesia.Kisses, Tittihttp://dellaclasseedialtremusiche.blogspot.it/

  23. you try one of the greek islands that are much more close to europe. Chania in Creta are very beautiful!!! i had been there twice in a raw!!also you can try Italy. capri, manarola or sicilia!!

  24. Oh boy do I understand you!I got +2, real feel -6 with snow in Latvia (not that far from you). I mean SNOW IN APRIL. And I've almost given up on spring, not to mention summer.Holidays are holidays, so I have no doubt that whichever place you will pick is going to be just what you need ;)

  25. Ooh that resort looks amazing. My boyfriend and I have just booked a week in San Francisco followed up with a few nights in Vegas next year, so we've sacrificed our summer holiday! Not great in this English climate. Rosie xxxwww.everywordhandwritten.blogspot.co.uk

  26. This looks so beautiful, wish I could love this place for a few weeks too and come back when spring has arrived! xxwww.creativityandchocolate.com

  27. Its so funny that you wrote about Bora Bora, cause thats the place I always am dreaming of for my future honeymoon. After I saw it on a tv show I knew that I wanna go there some day…but I am also still dreaming haha :)X, Annie

  28. Amazing place! I love exotic vacations but thankfully we have 18 degrees… The beauty of living in Greece in spring.See you in my blog, maybe.xxxNinahttp://trendsurvivor.com/

  29. Ohh yes, I would also love to visit one of the places you have mantioned! Bali looks like heaven on earth. Someday! Have a nice weekend Dear! Kisses from cold Poland :*http://voguerka.blogspot.com

  30. i think i would recommend THE MALDIVES, for sunny weathered lovers out there. This place screams paradise and privacy. carissaflightvintage.blogspot

  31. would love to visit all of these places…gooosh if I was a millionaire…♥xxhttp://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/

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