April 18, 2013 in DIY by Andy

The other day I went for lunch at this new place in Amsterdam. They had really cool white ceramic plates with text written on the edge of it -as some of you saw on my Instagram-. One of you guys asked me where to buy plates like this and somebody commented that you could easily make that yourself so I did a little research.
I started googling “painting with markers on ceramic”, “sharpie art on mugs” and everything in between and I bumped into a ton of websites with the “How To Make It”.
One of my favorite and easiest tutorials was by the girls at A Beautiful Mess so It took me literally a split second before I jumped out of the apartment to get all the things I needed.
Below you can find the “Step by Step” in images. Note that most tutorials used sharpie markers for this, although I couldn’t find any on the stores I went to, so I decided to go for a different brand.
3) Once you finish your designs, place the mugs in the oven at 175 °C (350 °F) for 30 minutes.


Do not wash or touch the designs before the mugs have cooled down. As I read on different websites, the ideal is to hand wash your mugs with a sponge, since harsh fibers could scratch and make your design disappear. The process of putting them in the oven for 30 minutes is to make sure the design will permanently stay on your mugs but the dishwasher is definitely a no as it could get rid of some of the marker, so try to keep them away from it.
I have this little obsession with collecting coffee mugs. See, the thing is, every time I go to a store I feel drawn into the mug section and always end up buying at least one. The mug drawer at home is close to exploding and I have already been told there is such thing as having way too many mugs, oh well here are 2 more! 😉
Happy drawing!!!