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 Photos via Pinterest  |  Collage by me
I have been wasting investing some time looking through interior design photos on Pinterest. Most of you don’t know, but I actually studied Interior Design, at least until I switched to Fashion Design, rebelled and decided to leave everything behind and move to Europe.
I have been obsessing with looking through photos of inspiring spaces. Maybe its just a wish for new beginnings, I don’t know, change is good or so they say.

106 thoughts on “CHANGE IS GOOD

  1. oh my goodness, andy! i thought these were all your place for a moment which left me in complete awe. still, i love this style and will integrate several of these aspects into my new space. great post!xo |

  2. Change can be good and can be bad. If it's bad, maybe it's bad timing and just not meant for you. If it's good, cherish it! =)These are really gorgeous pictures. I think fashion is definitely your forte =)

  3. Love all these ideas. I have similar taste as you I think, because I love black and white rooms with a little touch of colour.Julia,xx

  4. I agree with you. Sometimes change is good and it takes us to better levels. In my view, you have done a great job so far. Congrats and keep on your track!Best,Diep Angela NGUYEN

  5. These are amazing. I love all the black and white. It's so stark but still inviting and warm. Great inspirations.xoxo

  6. I thought it was all your house and almost died! But these interior design ideas are awesome, thinking of doing up my room! Change is definitely

  7. Hi Andy! I am currently doing the same too! If you haven't heard of , you should visit it for more interior inspirations : ) it inspires me a lot. And in case you visit France, you should visit Maison Du Monde, they have an enormous amount of the loveliest interior peices and decors! You will love it! : ) Maya

  8. Then you should check out "Stylizimo" blog (not mine) and you're going to like…die!!! She's a norwegian blogger and interior designer and she puts everything together so beautifully… It's full of great inspiration,

  9. Hello Andy, since you brought it up, I would like to know a little more about your moving to Europe. I'm a brazilian architect and I think about it sometimes … but I don't have the courage to leave my family…yet!

  10. i don't post comments so often but girl you blow me away with this post! it shows so much about you and i looove it! keep your stile unique. keep being yourself! all the best from serbia

  11. Interiors are great obsession, and much more timeless and meaningful than fashion! architect is speaking here, so I fully understand you:)

  12. Qué fotos tan bonitas! Yo para el año también empezaré otra nueva carrera y será Diseño de Interiores! Me fascina!Un besote Andy :)

  13. change is an important thing in our lives :) sometimes is good, sometimes is needed, but i think it never is something wrong :)nice pictures by the waykisses

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