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Jeans: DL1961  |  Leather Jacket: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Shoes: ZARA
As I was putting this outfit together, I realized that if I ever had an alter ego, this would be her style. The thing is, I don’t have an alter ego. Should I get me one of those just for fun?, gotta find her a name first.
If you had an alter ego, what would you call her/him?
Cuando estaba escogiendo este look, me di cuenta de que si tuviera un álter ego, probablemente este seria su estilo. El hecho es que no tengo un álter ego, ¿debería conseguirme uno?, le tendría que encontrar un nombre primero.
Si tuvieras un álter ego, ¿como lo llamarías? 

171 thoughts on “ALTER EGO

  1. Tu look parece parte del Saint Laurent SS 2013 <3
    Me siento orgullosa de que exista una blogger mexicana con tantos logros como tú! Ojalá un día pueda conocerte.

    Mucho éxito Andy!

  2. Hola Andy me encanta tu look muy YSL no? bueno sigue igual de linda y de asombrosa! un abrazo desde Mé

  3. Love this outfit.I don't know if I have a full alter ego but some days I can be quite girly and the next day I can be very grunge in both my style and attitude. If I had to name my grunge alter ego I would have to call her Stevie, the more grungey version of my name, Stephanie.

  4. Love this look!! The leather jacket is gorgeous! :) ♥

  5. Hmmm, I don't have one either. I need to think about this for a minute here. I love 'her' style, she's very classic and risque. Great style girly!xoxo

  6. Oh dear god I love this outfit more than anything! And I would name her Claire or Florence :)

  7. Why does one's "own" style always have to be so thoroughly defined to one single style? I wear whatever comes to my mind regardless of what others perceive as "my style" – you can see me all dressed up in a girly dress and pretty heels one day and wearing torn jeans and an old sweater the next. So I guess there wouldn't be the need for an alter ego for me ;)xxSabrina

  8. Love love this look. I think we really all should have alter egos. Mine is Kickass Cassie. If I ever turn into my alter ego, friends and family beware. xoxoIvy

  9. Loving this Saint Laurent inspired outfit!Hahaha I don't need an alter ego, I am all the persons I want to be combined in one ;)

  10. Once again, amazing outfit! Adore the jacket and shoes and that hat suites you perfectly! It's a good question, I really don't know how I would name my alter who but I'll think about it for sure xx

  11. This is a really fun post! My alter ego would be confident and the kind of person who wears heels and tailoring everyday I think

  12. Alex I think :) i don't know why but it was the first name which occured to me :) very nice outfit by the way babexoxo

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