A few weeks ago while I was in the middle of one of my trips and waiting at the airport for ages, I did what almost seems compulsory while at the airport, visit the unnecessary but incredibly tempting duty free stores. 
My house is filled with scented candles and my bathroom shelves with perfumes, I have an obsession for scents. I used to buy a lot of different perfumes back in the day, but as I get older, I find myself narrowing it down to 2 maybe 3 scents tops. One of them is Burberry The Beat which is one of my absolute favorites and right by its side, L’IMPERATRICE by D&G.  I guess you could say those are my signature scents.

My D&G perfume was running low and I was trying to get myself a new bottle, that was until the lady at the store told me that the perfume I was looking for had been discontinued. I went into a very mild and tiny panic attack, realizing that my favorite perfume and what I’ve been using for ages was no longer available and I would never be able to buy it again. I decided to track it down on every single perfume store I would cross paths with and most importantly, find out if this was the truth, if they were actually discontinuing my scent.
I’ve asked around on Twitter and Facebook, some say yes, some say no. I went to about 10 different perfume stores and I could only find it in one of them, so I immediately bought a 100ml bottle and even considered getting an extra one just in case -still considering it-. 
The thing is, I still don’t know if the rumors are true. Is D&G seriously discontinuing L’IMPERATRICE? Do I really have to go stock up so that I can at least smell like this for few more years to come?
Does anybody know?

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  1. Dear Andy & other D&G L'Imperatrice lovers,I have good news for you! L'Imperatrice is not discontinued> You can still buy it in most parfumeries in Netherlands. If they do not have it on stock, they should be able to order it.Eefje Tates, PR manager P&G Prestige, D&G

  2. The horror of finding out your favourite scent is discontinued….my fave scent still is Baby Rose Jeans by Versace and I think it has stopped production, so I'm on the look out for a new scent. But I feel you Andy! Hopefully it hasn't been discontinued!

  3. I have a bottle of L'impératrice 100ml but I don't like it.. I think there's still 95ml left, so if you want it, I will send it to you! I live in Holland too, so that won't be a problem :)you can send an email to [email protected]'ve been following you for years by the way, and never commented before. But I want to tell you that I'm really happy for you that things are going so well with your blog! Keep up this good work!

  4. No te preocupes Andy, lo mismo em pasó a mi con un perfume de Naf Naf que usaba desde niña. Ahora no lo encuentro en tiendas, pero está siempre en Ebay, prueba a buscar allí (si es que no lo venden más)xXx

  5. My absolute favourite perfume is The Beat by Burberry too and I can't imagine what I'd do if the stopped making it. Losing your "siganture scent" must be awful, it must feel like someone's deliberately breaking your routine and habits. I hope that D&G aren't discontinuing it, or if they are, that you can buy some bottles in advance :)-P.Bowtie Diary

  6. Sometimes they do. It is sad:(miss dior cheerie discountiuned as well. And they changed the formula and this is not the same anymore. Also davidoff echo is no longer exists…:(

  7. I hope not! This is absolutely one of the only perfumes I actually love smelling, it's my go-to for the summer and daytime.Ja now I'm worried… perhaps i'll pick up a small bottle (ps: didn't even know they made it in that size!) when I head to SF.

  8. I'm not sure wether it's discontinued or not, but if you decide to stock up you should be careful to store it well since fragrances spoil with time!!! Elena

  9. This is my favorite scent too! I still have my first bottle who cost me 35$ (100ml), since 2011. I use it most of the time during summer/spring & fall ! I don't know why during the winter I don't really use it. I received many compliments. My two faves parfums is D&G – L'impératrice & Miss Dior Chérie (who I think now is simply Miss Dior). I need to rebuy it by the way lol :) I think L'impératrice no longer exist… If I find one I'll buy it maybe two… lol just in case. I can't get enough of this scent. :)

  10. I hope it's not discontinuing, 'cause I love it, too! But I think there's nothing wrong with getting another bottle! Escada discontinued my favourite perfume a few years ago, but when I found out it was already too late :(So be quick if that's true!xx, Eleonora♥ My Blog ♥

  11. I hate it when this happens, especially if you have a particular signature scent. I'm sorry I can't help you, but I think your idea to stock up is the way to go.Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

  12. Hola guapaLa verdad e que no tengo ni idea, pero si me entero te lo comentaré.Un saludobesos

  13. You can still get it in the UK as far as I know its not being discontinued. Perhaps its worth the investment just in case?

  14. I definitely have no idea, since it's the first time I hear about this fragrance. But you made me want to discover it <3 Let's hope for you it won't be discontinued!

  15. Guys, do you at least read the post above or just use the comment to promote your own blog??!! What is absolutely unpolite, don't you think??Anyway, don't know anything about discontinuing this scent, but if it's hard to get it in the stores means for me that it may be possible, as the stores can't order more of it.

  16. I had the same problem with "Sicily" by D & G. It's my mum's favorite perfume and she almost cried when she learned it had been discontinued… After 2 years of so-so-alternatives, I found her a brand new bottle during a trip to Tenerife. Somehow the stores there buy loads of old stock and you can find a perfume even years after it has been stopped…Hope this helped you a little, still understand that you are super bummed… xx

  17. Andy! Dolce and Gabbana decided to discontinue its D&G branch, that's old news! So I guess they are also discontinuing the D&G perfumes ;)Buy as many as you can!Cheers,S.

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