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  1. I love the print on your suit it is so british! And of course I love the shoes: the valentino's red qith a pop of modernity with those studs!Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNINGhttp://vittoriafiveinthemorning.blogspot.it/

  2. This ensemble is the epitome of cool. I've seen these Valentino shoes all over recently and I found them completely hideous until now. They are meant for this outfit!

  3. That suit is awesome, especially paired with that Kenzo-gem! I can imagine you're welcoming the thought of being home for a while. Travelling is fun, but it has to end sometime ;)NOMADISMBYINE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  4. this look is to die for! and totally know that feeling, own bed is the best one:)lots and lots of lovexxxhttp://fromarmanitozurich.blogspot.ch

  5. I remember that KENZO top! Super cute and love the plaid blazer, love you're getting into flannel, I'm scared we're all gonna be sick of it a season later but for now, I'm going all plaid in different scales! lol. I've just uploaded my first ever outfit post from Paris Fashion Week! I would say it's Parisian-Provoking-Chic and I credit that to the Céline foulard printed flared trousers, I guarantee you'd be mega provoked ;)xx The Provokerhttp://www.the-provoker.com/2013/03/wide-pride.html

  6. I felt in love with this suit when I saw it!!! It looks perfect on you and the shoes are the perfect complement!!I know what it feels when you miss your own bed… Have a nice day (:Ana.

  7. I love this suit so much! I wish the blazer wasn't sold out when I bought the trousers!!Great combo with the bright Kenzo jumper.Nice to have you back, hope you had a fab time in Mexico :)www.mrgxpersonalshopper.webs.com

  8. awesome outfit babe, especially love this suit but have to say this jumper is maybe to much with the entire of outfit to me…but its only my opinion right?♥kisseshttp://franchemeetsfashion.blogspot.cz/

  9. love the styling except that the Kenzo jumper has over done the look maybe a white tshirt would do because it looks that the Valentino shoes is over killing the jumper. otherwise, everything is perfect. this is only my opinion and I can be totally wrong!Venezia 1960http://www.themilanomode.com/

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