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Sunglasses: & Other Stories  |  Shorts: Sandro  |  Jacket: IRO  |  Denim Blouse: ACNE  |  Sweatshirt: TRF
Ok, I might have gotten a little ahead of myself since Spring officially started on the 21st of March and decided to style some shorts. It was quite cold during my stay in Stockholm but surprisingly, the sun was shining every day which made it so incredibly pleasant. 
I love that city so much and I cant wait to be back when the summer has officially hit and you don’t need to go outside with 20 layers on.
Photos by Oskar Spångberg

159 thoughts on “SÖDERMALM

  1. This look is absolutely chic! Would love to have a bit of chilliness in the air..summer in Philippines is extremely hot! Maybe you can visit! :)xx paulineclassycroissant.blogspot.com

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